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    Please be careful while filling fuel in your vehicle tank

    Some accidents were reported which were taken place while the vehicle tank is being filled with fuel.
    Recently I read somewhere a report regarding an accident took place where the vehicle caught fire while the fuel filling operation is going on. The reason was the person sitting in the vehicle was making a call on his cell phone.
    The following precautions are to be followed when the filling is going on.

    1. Don't keep the Engine on when the operation is going on
    2. Don't use your cell phone when fuel is getting filled.
    3. Don't sit in the vehicle when the process of filling is going on
    4. Don't smoke in the bunk area
    5. Don't fill the tank to the brim. This should be followed very strictly during summer. The temperatures will be very high and the chances of fuel tank getting pressurized are very high as fuel will get vaporized very easily. During summer keep the tank lid opened for a few minutes so that the vapors may go out.

    Please give importance to safety.
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    I have also come across such accidents. We need to take precautions as indicated by Mr. Srnivasa Rao to avoid such accidents.
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    Thanks Mr Rao for these important safety tips. In our hurry or laziness we sometimes commit these life threatening blunders.

    Safety is a way of life. It is not for others, it is for our own safety. By following safety guidelines we are not obliging the regulatory authorities, we are in fact making a safety envelope for us.

    Some people are adamant and do not abide by the safety principles and say that fate is the deciding factor. They must understand that if it was so then they should not do any other thing also and just sit by the side of the lake and everything will come on their table.

    In today's hazardous environment safety is a must and those who are not following it are doing a suicidal thing.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Sir, thank you very much for these valuable safety tips. Such guidelines are important for preventing sudden accidents that are avoidable keeping in mind your suggestion.
    Awareness is a charity and you have blessed members with safety measures and precautionary tips.

    I hope everyone would abide by these principles to avoid any eventuality. Mostly, I think people ignore these warnings and get trapped in the most unfortunate tragedies.

    So, better to be aware that to be ignorant! Know to follow rules and prevent any mishappening or tragedies.

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    I find these safety tips useful and very necessary. I thank Dr. Rao for taking the trouble to post these tips.
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    Mr Rao,
    I will agree with your tips number 1, 4 and 5, but not 2 and 3. Fuelling and cell phone have no connection. The passenger inside the car with the cell phone 'On' has no relevance to fuelling outside. It could have been a rare and unfortunate incident reported, and it could be for other reasons.

    Anyway, you have said something to benefit.

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    Mr SUN,
    Agreeing or not agreeing is your own choice. With my experience in handling hazardous substances handling, I gathered information and compiled here.
    The flash point of the fuels is very less and sometimes the radiations from the cell phone may create havoc.
    Actually, these two points what you say you can't agree are statutory rules laid down by the concerned authorities.

    always confident

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    Mr Rao,
    There are lakhs of vehicles and lakhs of cellphone-using drivers and passengers. There are no such incidents of a car bursting due to the fuel and the cellphone battery or the emission.

    Yes. There are many such statutory warnings - Smoking is injurious to health. Drinking is injurious to health. Speed thrills but kills.

    People strictly adhere to your tips 1, 4 and 5, but ignore 2 and 3.

    No life without Sun

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