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    Subsidies, Freebies makes the people lazy affecting the National economy

    The political parties are announcing various freebies and subsidies to attract voters. Many such schemes of the Union and some State Governments are already in existence. Over and above these subsidies now some political parties are announcing payment of cash.

    When people receive such free gifts why do they go for work. How far these gifts will affect the national economy Are we not making people lazy?
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    In a backward or developing country this is a common practice that the ruling party will announce some subsidy or freebies for the poor people. This has a hidden agenda of getting support in the next election also.

    The problem comes when these things snowball into a number of schemes some of which are not even viable.

    So the Govt cuts expenses somewhere to give support to some other place. This is a sorry state of affairs as many of the non poor also join these schemes through misleading documents.

    Another aspect is that after some time the Govt can not withdraw these schemes as the people will take it as their right and go on doing agitations to bring it back. So, frankly speaking these things should not be introduced. If we want to help the poor then we have to create jobs for them.

    In China they make futuristic roads and bridges and many such things just to engage their people but do not give them subsidy. After the capture of Tibet, China is aggressively developing the area and lakhs of labour force is deployed there. It was not so urgent but China wants to engage its people and wants to show its strategic actions through these constructions.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I agree. Free meals will always make people lazy. Now in a family father gets old age free pension, the mother gets old age free pension, son gets unemployment pension. These people will be earning money in other ways also. So what is the problem for them? So they never work hard and they never bother about the development of the country.
    The people who are struggling hard and earning money has to pay tax and that will get distributed like this. In this process, the politicians will get benefitted.
    There is a scheme called food for work. Under this scheme the village, surpunch will be given some money and using that money he has to engage some labour and give them the money after getting the work done. He will give money to 5 people and record as if he has given to 10 people. He is making a daily minimum of 1000 rupees.
    The government should show a way to earn so that country will progress but not free money etc.

    always confident

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