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    Whether our donation reaches the needy poeple?

    Everyone would have come across one or other time people coming to you for donation for their charitable organization. They ask for old cloths, money for the old age homes or orphanage. In one of such incidence , I have seen people who have collected the cloths from our locality throwing the cloths in vacant place.

    There are many dubious NGO's running in many cities. These NGO's , in order to gain sympathy, collect cloths from the public. But their main objective is collection of money.

    Therefore whenever we make such donations we need to verify the authenticity of the NGO.
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    Giving donation is a good thing. At the same time it is necessary to find out the credentials of the NGO or agency in this regard.

    Our donation is meaningless if it is not going to the needy persons. Today, people who can afford are purchasing things left and right and throwing them quickly once they are out of the fashion. This is creating a big inventory for donation.

    In this reference it is necessary that these almost new items should not be recirculated in the market by the spurious elements and should reach the orphanage or other shelter homes.

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    This is a very important and relevant topic. Almost all of us donate as per our capability. But if we donate to those organizations/NGOs whose integrity and previous track records are questionable, then there is a real chance of our donation not reaching to the deserving people.

    It is always necessary to check the credentials of the organizations/NGOs before donating money.

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    The donation is an important contribution of a person to the needy and poor people. We should encourage it and give some amount to the needy and deserving people. The donation is the hope of poor and needy people. It is the soul-lifting and invigorating to poor-stricken fellows who always look for the basic needs like food and clothes.
    However, it is also important to look at who we are giving our money? Whether it is reaching to the deserving or rogues are getting what we call charity or donation. We should make sure to fill the deserving people with the donation and not the one's who come and grab the share of needy and poor people.
    India is filled with poverty and we can donate to provide some relief to the grief-stricken and poor souls of the country. It is our responsibility. But, at the same time, it is also important to see donation we give reaches deserving people.

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    Giving donations without knowing where the money is going is a criminal waste of resources and encourages the miscreants in society to raise donations from gullible people.

    Some rich people donate blindly just to please the God for prosperity and progress in their lives. Everyone in this world is not blind.

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    We should not give donations who really don't deserve. We should properly study the details and if we feel the organisation is genuine, then only we should donate. I always feel that it is better to donate directly to the needy than to some intermediate person or organisation. It is worth giving Rs.100/- rupees to a beggar who deserves due to his old age or ill health or some other handicap than donating Rs.1000/- to an NGO.
    Another big question with these NGOs is their administrative expenses. They will meet all their expenses from the donations they are collecting only. That means a huge portion of the money we donate is being spent on this only.
    These days we are not able to believe anybody or any organisation. So I feel it is better to donate for free food schemes that are being carried out by many places of worship. So I will make donations there only maximum. Whenever I visit a place of worship, I inquire any such scheme is there and I will try to donate to my possible extent.

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