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    What is your Emotional Bank account balance?

    All of us are aware of Bank accounts. We deposit money and withdraw money from our accounts. What is an emotional bank account?. An emotional bank account EBA is an account of trust instead of money. It is an account based on how safe you feel with another person.

    How to take stock of your emotional Bank account?. It is our relationships, and friendship and how trustworthy we are among others. According to FranklinCovey, the Emotional Bank Account (EBA), when the trust level is high, your EBA balance will also be. Lack of trust among your friends means you have low EBA balance.

    How is your EBA balance high or low?
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    I would say that I have 100 percent emotional bank balance outside ISC. My family, relatives and friends have high regards and respect for me. I have been set as an example of patience and tolerance. But inside ISC, I may have reduced emotional bank balance. Few lady members of ISC have an ill feeling about SuN of ISC. Because I always speak the truth about women.
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    Emotional Bank account balance (EBA), as defined by the author is the trust and faith between the two - the bank and the customer.

    In todays scenario we have both the types of banks - Govt as well as private. Now if a Govt bank fails Govt will try to save it and the customer might not be affected. On the contrary if a private bank fails it simply closes down and the customer will be in great difficulty.

    Still, we are keeping our money in private banks. Long back, banking services were off fully bad and we were always searching for a connection in the staff to get our job done as always long queues were there. Then came the private banks and people told that Govt banks will not be able to compete and will close down. It did not happen. In fact there is a phenomenal growth of the Govt banks and they have also improved their working based on online methods.

    So emotional factor is there till trust and faith is there.

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    Keeping cool and not losing temper is a very good way of life. But many people may not have that much patience. So people try to retort even before completely hearing what others are saying. Those people are very emotional.
    I am always trying to keep my cool and try not to lose temper but at the same time, I don't want to lose my self-respect. If somebody trying to irritate me also I will wait and tell him the reply once he gets cool down. But I will make my point very firmly.
    Sometimes we may get upset with the behaviour of the other person. But we should think about what may be the reason for that person's behaviour at that particular point of time. Once you start thinking in those lines your emotional bank account balance will be very high

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    Congratulations to the author for coming up with such an interesting post. We often talk about bank accounts and income tax and everything related to money and savings. However, we rarely consider the fact that how everything is taking a toll on our emotions and mental balance. As these are inner traits, we hardly concentrate on them and as a result, we keep depleting the inner power.

    Trust is an important characteristic in any form of relationship. For the relationship to work on a long term basis, it is important to have a little faith and if it isn't there then the bond may not be as strong as it is required to be. It is high time now that we concentrate on EBA balance and build strong relationships that are based on trust.

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