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    Do you observe April Fool's Day? Any incident to share?

    April Fool's Day is observed almost across the globe by joking and pranking and doing actions to make other's look like a fool.

    I remember when I was in school we were observing it very seriously and planning many mischievous things on the day. I am not sure whether today it is being observed with the same intensity or not.

    I remember that our Mathematics teacher in class XI-XII was very strict and serious and no student even murmured in his class what to say of talking to each other. On one of the April Fool's Day some students pretended to go to his sitting room and came back with the news that he has allowed to play football on that day in Mathematics period. The student were so jubilant and excited that the class was soon empty and when he came to take class there was not a single soul there. He sent the peon to call us and asked all of us to stand till the period ends. It was really very sad and humiliating but we had no other alternative accept to abide by the punishment.

    Have you observed this day anytime in your life? Can you share some related incident?
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    No. I never observe this. In my college or school days, I have no experience of this. These days in social media one post is very active. It says that instead of fooling somebody on this day, you plant and a tree and nurture it throughout the year. I liked it and I feel it is a very good suggestion. This will be useful to the society and environment also. So today morning a planted a plant in my house. I request other members also to do this so that we will be blessed with more oxygen and a better environment.
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    Today, I was befooled by myself for about one hour. What happened was - In the morning I logged into ISC with my laptop connected to a power socket. I logged out after a few minutes. When I tried to log in after an hour, the power supply to my laptop was cutting off frequently. I checked the power socket, plug, power pack, the laptop socket. I removed and replaced the battery pack. Yet the problem continued for about an hour. I was fed up and thought that I should take my laptop to a repair centre. I was preparing to go out. By then I wanted to iron my shirt. When I searched for the iron box, I found the iron box power cord was plugged into a socket where I plug in my laptop cord. So, my laptop plug was not plugged in but the iron box. This interchange of power plugs made me fool for an hour.

    What happened was - After I logged out from ISC, my daughter wanted to iron her clothes, and she removed my laptop power cord and plugged in the iron box power cord. She did not remove the power cord after its use.

    Thus I fooled myself on this First day of April.

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    A few years back, I played a prank at ISC that made our ME worry about me. Old members and editors would know that bi(e)tter event. I disappeared and resurrected after 5 days.
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    Being a Wellness practitioner for my retreat, I decided to play a prank. 3 days back I put up on the notice that I will be conducting a Yogic detox programme for all the hosts. I asked all of them to be ready at 7 am at my wellness center, where we will be doing these detox together.
    In the last 3 days , everyone was looking at me with horrified faces :)
    Today morning, I put up on the same notice as mentioning April Fool!

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    We had a lot of fun during April Fool's day when I was in my high school.

    Once on 1st April some senior girls came to us and told that the principal has announced half day leave for lower classes. We were very happy and left the school.

    Next day we were called by the class teacher and were banged for our foolishness as those girls simply made us fool.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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