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    Don't you think that these poor souls deserve much more?

    Have you seen a sixty plus or at least a fifty plus woman, desperately trying to catch your attention and sell flowers that women wear on their head? At best, after all the hard work, such women might end up making just Rs. 100 or less per day. They do all the hard work. In several pockets of South India, we can easily meet such illiterate people. Maybe, the individual has a son who is working somewhere. Or maybe, she wants to make some money so that she can live her own life without troubling anyone. Even casual conversations indicate that they live in their own small houses or rented houses in villages, near the biggest town, where they seek to sell all the flowers.

    What sort of social security can we give them? For example, anyone spending more than Rs.200 on any purchase of any item in the local area can be requested to donate just Rs. 2/-. This corpus can then be matched by an equal amount from the rich traders or the local corporate organizations and this amount can possibly help them with a small amount every month. Can we think of some similar ways to help these poor souls? Remember, there are at least two hundred of them in even small towns.
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    That could be a good cause and act but how do we handle such noble act? Nowadays, when people try to help others by asking money for donation, people take it in wrong way and try to view at different view point. Even we people sometimes wonder, whether or not the money spent on donation really reaches to the needy man or not. I think all have to agree on the point and must act in this noble way.
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    The author has raised a genuine humanitarian point and it is not the flower lady alone, there are many in that age group or even having more age who are resorted to this type of penny works for their livelihood.

    So, we can definitely take some measures as suggested by the author or by joining a local help group which is reputed to help these persons. Once the help is going to the needy everyone will voluntarily contribute as per ones financial status.

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    After this recent thread, the author has come up again with his concern for the well being of the women selling flowers.

    I don't think they might be feeling as bad for themselves as we might. Almost all of them, especially the vendors near temples, in tourist spots and other public places manage to make enough money to make a decent living within their standards. In fact, I am of the opinion that we might hurt their feelings if we venture out to do anything like the idea suggested by the author. The government may intervene if needed but donating for their well-being won't be an acceptable proposal.

    The best that we (those who are concerned) can do is to avoid bargaining with them and pay them what they demand and also ensure that you buy some flowers on a daily basis.

    (The earlier thread is being locked now).

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    I agree with #661556.
    These ladies will select good places where the demand will be more and try to seel to the maximum possible quantity at a good price. Sometimes they make good money by increasing the prices especially on special occasions like festivals, marriage seasons etc. Those days they make good money.
    Already the government introduced old age pension schemes to such old people and giving them minimum Rs.2000/- rupees per month. In States like Andhra Pradesh Dwakra scheme has been introduced and they are getting loans from banks etc.
    The only help we can do them is purchasing the flowers without bargaining.

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    All the flower sellers are not very poor. It is a flourishing trade where the flower vendors make good money. They lead a good life, They make their children Engineers and lawyers. As said by Saji, it would be an insult and hurt the feeling of flower vendors. It will be good not to bargain but help them with what they demand. Even at times, I think of opening a garland shop to make money.
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    I think Saji Sir has not seen the poor people who go to the houses. I really do not know if he knows the actual situation. Those who sell flowers near the temples are a totally different breed altogether. None who is new can even enter the place. The police would themselves intervene and chase these people away. I was only referring to those who sell door to door. I have not even talked about those who sell outside the big temples. Saji Sir, please be informed. The organized gangs who sell flowers in such places have their own union. They are totally different. Even casual vendors cannot even enter their place. In fact, when I suggested this to one vendor, she immediately replied that they would be chased away by the gang. Kindly meet with these poor people. They are totally unorganized and they are not those who sell outside temples. The competition is fierce even here. In every locality, one can find as many as five or even ten regular vendors who sell flowers. They target only the religious types of housewives. It is another story that the educated and employed women in cities like Chennai, do not buy flowers at all. I know many who would simply fight with their mothers and never even wear the flowers even once, even when visiting temples. This is another cause of worry for the poor vendors!!

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    Saji Sir, am sorry for the overlap. I did not notice the other thread. Am very busy with the articles. And when I have soaring temperatures of over 36 degrees, the mind does not allow me to concentrate. This recent thread is based on a casual conversation I had with two vendors, one of them above 60 years. Though I did not ask all family details, it was obvious that they wanted to live their own lives. One of them had even worked in a small scale industry, which is a sub-contract unit. She could not bear the heat generated in that factory. This is a big problem for anyone who works there. Please do understand that not only are these flower sellers very poor, but there are also many other such people who just about sell something to earn, at best, Rs. 150 per day. They are very poor. Am very sorry for the overlap.

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