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    Amethi may not work but Wayanad would work - Rahul Gandhi thinks

    I think Rahul Gandhi is fearful of winning election from Amethi of UP. Hence he has planned to contest from Wayanad of Kerala. A strong and tall leader should stand in one constituency to prove his worth. It is a cowardly decision to contest from two constituencies.

    If Rahul has the guts, and if his target is BJP, he should contest from a constituency where BJP has a stronghold. But in Kerala, BJP has no voice but the left parties. So his fight in Wayanad would be not against BJP but against the communist parties. His chief aim is to become an MP from Wayanad with a fear of losing Amethi.

    What do you say?
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    The leader of the political party do not take chances in election. It is lack of confidence in them in getting elected from particularly constituency. Therefore they chose another constituency where their chances are bright.

    Politicians forget their constituency after the election and remember the people of the constituency only during the election. Why they cannot work for the constituency and attend to the problems of the people in the constituency. If the politicians win the confidence of the people they need not to worry about winning. They even need not go for canvassing and eg for vote. People will volunteer in helping such candidates.

    We can see only few candidates who have rendered service and gained confidence of the people in their constituency.

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    If the regulations provide, a politician generally avails all the options available to him.

    There is also one surprising provision that even if a person does not win, he can be elected as the leader of the party.

    If it is true then there is nothing to worry as the leader can fight an election later from a place which is not covered in main polls.

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    It is really amusing as well as disheartening to note that the politicians are not sure of their winning from a particular place, especially a place which was once thought to be their citadel.

    One thing which I could not decipher in this reference was that in earlier times the son of a king became the king and it was accepted by the society also. The head of a small clan was nominating his successor and it was a normal thing.

    But in todays modern times, especially in democratic system it is believed that the honest, capable and able person will come on the top and not the son of a politicians. Unfortunately, this is not happening as there is no basic educational qualification and entrance test for these political posts.

    So in this situation, not all but some candidates will join because they do not have any other job or skill with them for a career. One can very well think that if such people win the election, what will be the fate of the society and country.

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    I think Rahul Gandhi is not having any doubt about winning from Amethi. But he wanted to show that he is not confined to one region and he can win from anywhere starting from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari. Generally, many big leaders do this. PV Narasimha Rao also contested from two constituencies in one election. Even in the last elections, I remember, Modi contested from two constituencies.
    I think this provision should be removed from the rules. If the candidate is winning from two places, he has to resign from one place and again election is to be conducted. This will take away a lot of public money and a complete waste.
    If a leader is having a doubt about his winning chances he need not contest from anywhere. If his party comes to the power they can select him as their leader. He can get elected to Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha within six months. Mr P V Narasimha Rao is not an MP when he was elected for PM post. Later on, he contested from Nandyal in Andhra Pradesh and won the elections.

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    It is only the candidate who aspires to become PM or CM choose to contest from two constituencies. It is not that they want to tell the world that they are popular in all states or districts, but the fear that they might lose in one constituency because of strong opposition. In Kerala, Wayanad, the Muslims who are against BJP might vote for Congress. Yet it is doubtful whether he will win or lose against communists.
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    The decision of Mr. Rahul Gandhi to contest from Wayanad signifies many aspects. Firstly this proves that Mr. Gandhi is not sure of victory at Amethi. Further, this is due to the neglect of the Amethi constituency by Mr. Gandhi and also the active association of Ms. Smriti Irani with Amethi.

    Further, Mr. Gandhi thinks that Wayanad may be a safe constituency for him because the presence of BJP in that area is minimal. But the left parties are planning to give a stiff fight to Mr. Gandhi. CPI(M) leader Mr. Prakash Karat and Kerala Chief Minister Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan have stated this in no uncertain terms.

    So, the situation is a little bit complex for Mr. Rahul Gandhi.

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    Well Mr Rahul Gandhi is chief of Congress party and they have great politicians as well. We only can speculation on this whether and why he contesting two seats. If you remember Mr Modi also contested two seats in 2014.

    As if now it is not clear whether Mr. Modi will fight from which place and congress may use Priyanka Gandhi Vadera against them. This time BJP is not able decide candidates of Indore and Bhopal seats. As if now Congress Bigshot Digvijay singh is contesting from Bhopal and BJP is confused news are coming that ex CM shivraj may be contesting but he wanted to be state politics. From Indore seat Jyotiraditya sindhiya may be contesting, if Sumitra mahajan will contest.

    So, BJP is going to loose significant seats this time. They are using all power because If NAMO win this time or Never.

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    Even if Rahul Gandhi seems to be politically active with numerous outbursts against PM Modi, but nothing is visible that he s much more interested for the welfare of the common people and without any pragmatic programme for the growth of the nation makes his chance vulnerable for getting elected especially from Amethi. Hence he wants to remain in the safe side by choosing a place where his victory is guaranteed.
    Now the time alone will tell which side the coin will rest. This time there are other parties as well such as Mr Prakash Karat, Mr Vijayan having their strong holds in that constituency and hence there is a possibility of turbulent fight in Wayanad.

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    I think Rahul may loose Wayanad seat also because Modi Lahar is now world wide so anything could happen we need to wait and watch. This election is so tricky and fight will be everywhere because of Gathbandhan and Modi Lahar. It will be interesting to see who will win I think all news channels going to get good TRP in coming days. Best of luck every candidate.
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    Rahul Gandhi's decision to contest from Waynad has made LDF fuming n Kerala It is politics of difference. In Central Communist Party is supporting Congress. But in Kerala they are arch rivals. It is one to one contest. CPI feels that Rahul Gandhi's contest from Waynad will help BJP.

    We will have to wait and watch what is the strategy of congress in fielding Rahul Gandhi from Waynad,

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    CPI being the alliance partners of Congress in other states, Rahul Gandhi should not have selected the leftist-ruled Kerala to fight against the BJP. Rahul should have opted for AP or TN to contest.
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    What the author has put forth is the argument that the CPM has said about Rahul's decision to contest from Wayanad.

    I do not see anything wrong in Rahul's decision to contest from a second constituency and selecting Wayanad for that. He is not the first person to do that.(However personally I am not in favour of that or even a sitting MLA contesting for an MP seat, because they create avoidable additional expenditure and pressure on the system)

    By contesting from Kerala where the CPM and Congress are face-to-face rivals , Rahul has ruffled some feathers. This could have been avoided had there been some discreet communication with the Communists before deciding or announcing.

    In fact I feel the LDF right in their thinking that Rahul has committed areal folly by contesting in Kerala against an LDF candidate, because a win by congress or CPM has the same effect as they are a part of the bigger alliance in national level. However if he had contested against a BJP candidate and won,then that would have added one sat to them robbing BJP of a seat.That would have been more meaningful for the combined strategy of CPM and Congress to defeat BJP.

    Now, what I feel is that there can be two alternatives.

    1. There will be a behind the scene rapprochement between CPM and Congress and CPM gets a lot of offer and concession from Congress . Then they secretly tell their cadres to vote for Rahul, and Rahul wins with a historic margin.

    2. CPM takes the snub very seriously and works all out (it is possible for them being a cadre party to do best field work) to defeat Rahul. In that case Rahul gets defeated or wins by a wafer thin margin.

    My logic says that the first will happen. The CPM will be the real gainer then.
    If Smriti and BJP can impress Amethi voters that Rahul cannot be depended upon, as he has no faith in them citing his contest in Wayand, then I feel, Rahul will be defeated in Amethi.

    In anyway, Congress and Rahul have made very simple situation into unnecessary and avoidable complications.

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