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    As a member how can we help ISC to get more traffic to it?

    Do you feel members of need to bring more to the table to generate better traffic for the site? As an ISCian, put your suggestions here for the community in helping towards developing the site in a better way and thereby bringing higher traffic.

    Today while posting a response in the post announcing the revenue share bonus for the month of February 2019, I had a feeling that what is our role and how can we help ISC in increasing the internet traffic to it. The traffic is the main thing which ensures the earnings in a month and when there is an earning then only there will be a distribution.

    Internet is like a vast ocean of information and there are many sites and portals which are vying with each other. Sites are coming up with the newer and newer ideas to attract the surfers to it. Everywhere data and data is flooding and the contents which are being uploaded in the internet are increasing in leaps and bounds.

    I am seeking suggestions and views of the members that as a member what type of content we should submit here that is directly or indirectly help in increasing the traffic? Quality of the content is an indisputable attribute as without that we will not able to generate the interest of the people in it. What are the other things like types of contents etc that we should prepare and submit here? I request members to give their opinion.
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    I think ISC being an educational portal, it has everything that we need. ISC has Jobs, Question banks, Universities, colleges and courses, Study abroad, Experts answers to questions, a forum to discuss issues, Social hub, a great article section, etc. What else do we need?

    We need to contribute more and more to improve traffic.

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    As a member, you have a very important role to play in increasing the traffic to the site.
    1. You can contribute many good articles which are useful for the present day generation and once your article is approved and published you can share the link on your social media platforms. It will help people to know about the site and they may come and visit here.
    2. Making good contributions in the Jobs section, college sections and other sections which will be visited by many people.
    3. Quality contribution in all the sections by the members will increase the traffic to the site.
    4. You can refer your contacts to this site so that they will also become members here.
    5. Making good comments about the site in other sites and areas may also help in increasing the traffic.

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    I think quality is the most important issue and when I joined this site about 2 years back then I got only 25 or 30 points for my articles and I was a bit disappointed but when I compared them with the others getting 50 to 90 points then it was very clear to me that quality and content both matter.

    After that I tried in new areas other than the mediocre and my score started increasing.

    I was able to score in the range 40-60 for some of my select articles. I know I have to improve further.

    So all the members have to improve the quality of the content in many respect not only in article section but also in other sections. New material having a curiosity attached can also help in increasing the traffic. SEO techniques which I heard first time here have its own value.

    So let us try and we will achieve the betterment.

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    Being a member of the site, we just need to follow the guidelines given by our editors and webmaster. Good content always beats SEO and other factors which derives the traffic. I just believe in making content reachable to more people by giving what they want. Just make sure do not put content which is not in policy of ISC or violate the copyright.
    Share as much as possible and try all good rank with content.

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    Mechanical Engineer.
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