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    Shall we make April Cool instead of April Fool

    Global warming has become a serious concern world over. Deforestation is one of the main causes for global warming and climate change. The no.of trees planted does not commensurate with no.of trees cut every year.

    In the Month of April itself we have started experiencing high temperature in most of the cities. Planting more and trees will help in controlling climate change.

    Can we think of planting more trees and make the weather cool?
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    We cannot go against nature to cool down the earth in the month of April. March, April and May are the hottest months in a year. It is good to grow trees. But when will the trees grow tall and provide us cool? Maybe our next generation would enjoy the cool.
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    There is a post in Social media which suggests the same idea of planting a tree on this day. The concept is good and can be implemented by all. We can have a terrous garden and we can have plants there.
    This plantation can be done not only on April first but also on many other occasions like festivals, birthdays and other important dates and we can nurture them so that we will get more oxygen and warming can come down.

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    I think it is better to plant more and more trees than making people fool. It will be a much better activity to plant trees and grow greenery around our environment. This could be a better option to stay away from pranking which may sometimes hurt the feelings of some people. Plant to grow greenery and clean environment.

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    It's a beautiful title given to the thread by the author. At present, it is too hot, so it seems the coming summer months will be unbearable. Every citizen must try to lessen global warming by doing our bit, then only in future we could expect April to be not that hot.

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    We have a day called Word Environment Day. On that day, we try to plant trees to improve the environment. It would be nice to say fool as cool in a rhyming manner. We may not be able to plant a tree, but let us not cut a tree on this day.

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    A good thought by the author. Planting tree is one of the best ways to strengthen the environment.

    A small effort in this direction by an individual can create a big forest in the periphery of our towns and cites. Nowadays time to time plantations programs are taken up at different levels and people are participating in them with interest.

    There was a playing ground near my society which was almost barren and some of the like minded senior citizens started a plantation drive in its sides and the local municipality gave help in terms of water and manure. This drive was started hardly 5-6 years back and today there are so many plants developing there on the four sides and that has become a good place for morning walk also.

    So if people take such measures near their residences, slowly a big green cover will be made everywhere.

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