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    Just imagine a situation like this - What would happen?

    Let us presume that Congress won the majority seats in all states and is ready to form the government. Unfortunately, Rahul Gandhi lost the election in both Amethi of UP and Wayanad of Kerala. What would happen and who would be the Prime Minister?
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    As per article 75 of the Indian Constitution, he can still become the Prime Minister, provided he becomes Member of either house of Parliament within a period of six Months. But morally it may not be proper for a defeated candidate to become Prime Minister. But in Indian politics morality has lost its place. Therefore anything could happen.
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    It has happened in the past and the person was asked to become MP within 6 months.

    I do not remember the name of the PM but it has happened and history can repeat itself.

    If congress has no candidate better than Mr Rahul Gandhi then this is the only way to go ahead.

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    There will not be any problem to the son of Sonia. He can be elected as the Prime Minister. Afterwards with in six months he can get elected either to Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha. When P V Narasimha Rao became the PM he was neither a member in Lok Sabha nor in Rajya Sabha. He has not contested in the elections. But after becoming the Prime Minister he contested from Nandyala in Andhra Pradesh and won.

    So there is no problem for Rajiv Gandhi to become Prime Minister if his party gets majority seats. The constitution is having many such favourable points to politicians.

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    In that case, the Congress MPs will start a race to abdicate a Rajya Sabha seat in favour of Mr. Rahul Gandhi so that he can become MP and become the Prime Minister of the country. And, the MP who will abdicate his/her seat, will be given many known and unknown benefits for the sacrifice.
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    #661607 - Dr Rao,
    Kindly correct the name at Para 2. Rajiv as Rahul.

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