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    NAMO TV Channel- Do you Think It Will be Successful?

    NAMO TV Channel is started by someone. I think It may be started by BJP or it's supporters, Not Sure.

    As an average 100 crore is required to start a new channel in India. So, do you think NAMO Tv which is only showing advertisement & Speeches of Mr. Modi will be successful.

    How and from where this money came from? What is the purpose of this channel. From my point of view, it is just waste of time and money. NAMO TV channel will not be long live.

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    I have not heard about NAMO TV till now. What is this? Is this a television channel? Has the channel started functioning? Why are we discussing this?
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    Airtel 110
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    I too never heard of this NAMO TV. I don't think any new TV will get promoted during this juncture of the election. The TV owner might get satisfied, but not the public.
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    Sometimes people want to take the advantage of the name of celebrities and famous people. This may be the thing like that only.

    If some rich businessman has started it, money will not be a problem but will this channel sustain with such a coverage of a particular important person.

    The people impressed with Mr Modi might visit it once a day.

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    I don't know it. I am hearing it for the first time. To face the onslaught of various anti Modi channels, somebody who is a true disciple of Modi might have started this channel, I think.
    If Modi comes to power and if he gives all BJP and government advertisements to this channel, survival is not a big problem. Many local channels at the State level are able to manage with the State government's support.
    As such the promoter need not worry about the returns.

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    This is nothing but a propaganda campaign against Modi. There is nothing called NAMO TV. I am astonished why this propaganda is being allowed to continue in ISC. Where are the ever-alert Forum Editors?
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    You are talking without verification. I already gave you TV channel for various networks. Please don't derail thread.

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    I think is nothing more than just a website of news related to world and politics. I do not find anything which is so obessed about videos of Narendra Modi.
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    @ paresh
    I have edited title of thread as NAMO Tv Channel. So, that member should not get confused between TV channel and website. Channel number i provided above.

    I think this NAMO TV channel will not be long lived. Because If Modi comes to power than it will run till 2024 or it will be shut down. Because Mr Modi will not be in power from 2019 and new PM candidates will come from BJP. Mr Modi will be too old for PM candidates and hence in such situation NAMO TV Channel is of no use.

    I agree with certain member that it will get advertisement but govt. is spending 1000s of crore in promoting Mr Modi scheme. So, spending 100 crore is not an issue for rich party like BJP.

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    Most of the political parties and some politicians own their channels. These channels tune their news versions according to their masters. SUN network is owned by DMK family, Jaya TV is owned by AIADMK, India News are owned by sons of congress leader Vinod Sharma. Suvarna TV of the Asianet is owned by Rajya Sabha MP, Rajeev Chandrashekar, Sakshi TV, NTV and TV 5 is owned by Jagan Mohan Reddy , Indiavision in Kerala is owned by Muslim League. TV-24 Ghanta in is controlled by CPI-M and Kolkata TV is run by Mamata Bannerjee's Trinamol Congress.

    Italian Robertio Mindo, who has share in Times Group owned by Bennet & Coleman is a close relative of Sonia Gandhi. NDTV is owned by Prannoy Roy has connections with Communists. Brinda Karats sister is married to Prannoy Roy.

    Therefore there are lots of connections with Channels and media houses with the politicians. As a result people receiving only censored news.

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    TV channels run on certain rules and In my view no TV channel except NAMO TV Channel is running 24 hours program on Mr Narendra Modi on the other hand many other tv channel you have mentioned are news and entertainment type TV channels. Please suggest which type of TV channel is NAMO TV Channel. In my view, it is propaganda based tv channel.

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