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    Should colleges and other educational institutions of higher studies have a dress code?

    It seems to be an evergreen topic. Every school going student feels big when they reach a college and later when he or she joins a university or any other educational institution. The first freedom the students enjoy is free from wearing a uniform. It leads to a controversial issue.

    The youths always have a different style statement in comparison to their previous generation. Quite naturally, the campus becomes a safe zone to experiment with their dressing sense, but sometimes they go overboard too. Especially in a co-ed campus dressing style becomes a matter of concern for the authorities.

    In today's Education Times of TOI, it is the topic of discussion in the Talking Point section. The students gave their opinion in favour and in against too. What is your take?
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    This is a topic where people will have different opinions and suggestions. Once a students enters the university he feels a bit matured and grown up as many dress codes and disciplinary things are not so strict in the new environment.

    Giving freedom is a good thing but unfortunately the age of these students is very tender and they are at the crossroads of their career where freedom may align some of them in wrong territories. It has happened and is happening in that liberal environment.

    In my opinion no concession in terms of the dress or discipline or college decorum should be give to these students. The reason is very simple. They are the citizens of the future and if they are told that you are on your own then they will not only take advantage of the situation but do many restricted things in the name of the freedom.

    A strict dress code will make them to understand that college environment is not a place for catwalk or fashion parade.

    In many universities we hear that there is resentment in the teachers and students and they are impressed with the communist doctrine. Such things will never happen if there is a disciplined atmosphere in the campus.

    In fact it may look an extreme measure but after completion of the education these students should be sent for a 1 year rigorous compulsory military training, along with stipend, which will tell them what is discipline and what is dress code. These youngsters should be taught in that 1 year what is our motherland and how to protect it in times of war. We have to inculcate patriotism and nationalism in them before they align with the distracting forces.

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    It is fine to have a uniform in our educational institutions. This is a debatable and people are asking whether to have a uniform or not. First, we should look into the fact that uniform is important for equality and uniformity of students. It shows equality and Everyone in the class deserves equal attention. There is no superior and no inferior. Every student has an equal right to education. So, no question of any discrimination among students in receiving an education. This is uniform drawing the line equality among students.
    Educational institutions have their norms which a student has to follow. Following the rules of an educational institution develops a sense of responsibility and the child grows as a disciplined person.
    However, there the other aspect that is the freedom of students. Freedom to students can also be considered and to some extent, it should be there but this freedom should not hamper the educational and personality development is a student. As for a uniform is considered, a student can't carry this uniform at every stage while pursuing education. Though it is good to have a uniform at the secondary level and about the colleges, I feel authorities should decide whether to have a uniform for students or not.
    At the lower level of educational institutions when children are not mature enough, the uniform is fine.

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    Wearing of Uniform or dress code gives an identity oneness among the members of a particular organization, Educational institution or a Company. Most of the Schools, colleges, Companies have their own Uniforms and the Management expect all the members to adhere to it.

    Wearing uniform or a dress code is part of discipline in the organization and we should encourage such system. There is tendency among some people to question every rule. We need to analyze the objective of such rule or system. If it is in the interest of the members of the organization we should welcome such steps. But same should not be with any ulterior motives.

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    I am of the opinion that wearing a uniform will bring down the disparities among the colleagues. In many Organisations, uniforms are a must for all employees.
    But in many government schools and colleges, there is no system of uniform dress code. I studied in Primary governemnt school, government high school, government junior college, Government degree college and government university. All are government institutions only. I never asked to wear a uniform and there is no dress code.
    The Uniform in educational institutes started from the advent of Private schools only. Up to college level, I know about the uniform dress code. But I never know about uniform in universities. If it is introduced in universities and government institutions also it will be good.
    We should implement the system of wearing the uniform in all colleges and universities also. This will enhance the dignity of the institute and there will be a better atmosphere especially in coeducation colleges and universities.

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