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    2nd April, World Autism Day, can we lend a helping hand

    2nd April is declared as World Autism Day every year by the United Nations. Autism is neurobehavioral disorder. A person with this kind of impairment will have problems in communication and also have repetitive pattern of behavior. Ii is also called autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

    How these people lead their normal life?, What support they need from friends and relatives and general public as whole?
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    April 2 is celebrated all world over as World Autism Awareness Day. The month of April is also celebrated as the month for autism awareness. The theme for this year is Assistive Technologies.
    If a child seems to have difficulty in interacting and communicating with others and if they don't develop as per the age on time there is a chance the child may have autism.
    The children who are suffering from this problem require special attention and care to improve and to become normal. There are schools and training places for these people.
    We can find such people from poor families and provide the required financial help and guidance in navigating special education, manage behavioural issues, help with transitioning, develop social skills and handle teenage issues.
    I know one such person in our locality who is not able to have a normal conversation as per his age. He was admitted to a school and trained. Now he is like any other normal child.

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    Some people have this disorder and it is a condition which can not be cured with medicins.

    There are some help groups and NGO agencies which are trying to help these people and these agencies are raising funds for this from the people who are having charitable instinct. Those who want to help can contact these groups and after ascertaining their credentials can donate whatever they want.

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    Autism is a neurologic condition which generally affects the children during the first 3 years of their life and then it progresses on slowly.

    A child who suffers with this shows limited behavioural pattern but these are repetitive in nature. He will go on repeating an action without knowing its significance or even the harm from it happening to him.

    Autism sometimes resembles syndrome of mental retardation.

    As per a study it is found that about 1 out of every 100 child below age of 3 in our country have the autism symptoms. This is definitely an alarming proposition. The study also brought out that the chances of getting autism in boys is much more than that of the girls.

    This syndrome is present everywhere and as an example for comparison purposes in US the occurrence of autism is about 1 out of 70 children.

    The life expectancy of a person suffering from autism is generally less and in the range 40-60 years only.

    These people need separate schools and engagement places and are to be dealt in a soft and delicate manner by the trained staff. Though there are some agencies which are offering these services but still there is lot to be done for these underdeveloped persons.

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