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    Is it necessary to admit the children in a costlier schools?

    In our country, there are many types of schools ranging from the Govt to highly professional hi-end schools which very few people can afford.

    The school fees and other associated expenditures are very high in these institutions. The interesting thing is that the people who admit their offsprings in these schools feel proud about it. On every occasion they share it with others in the social circles.

    My feeling is that a costlier school may not necessarily impart a suitable education. Sometimes an ordinary school is able to provide good education to its students.

    So whether it is necessary to send our children to these high end schools or we should be satisfied with the mediocre schools.

    What is the viewpoint of the members on this?
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    A school might be charging too high on account of its fame or even for the infrastructure provided. But the quality of education and values imparted therein matters a lot on the development of the child. I suggest one must go for a school with lesser student count where the teachers are able to give one to one attention and where the child is able to exploit his/her own capabilities.

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    No harm if one can afford to pay the fees and feel proud of themselves as their ward is studying in a costly school. But a middle and poor class should not think of costly schools, and should not take a loan and pay through their nose and suffer in the future.
    Live with what you have, and be satisfied. Government and ordinary schools can also give a good education. It is upto the individual child to study and progress in life.
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    Many hi-fi schools provide a lot of facilities to the students and charge accordingly.

    For example there are schools which provide breakfast, lunch and evening snacks to the students and food is of good quality. So these students need not to take their tiffin with them.

    Then there are others who organise different activities for the students for their all round devlopment and that costs money. Some of these schools conduct sightseeing tours and camping to the tourist or famous places in the country.

    All these activities are costly and the load of that eventually comes on the students. So everyone can not afford these types of schools but those who can afford will like to send their children there.

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    I have been seen in my life and my parents and grand parents they were not went highfy costly school even there were not mandatory events and activities also found,but there were found appreciated and encourage the students and my father told us there education was useful in there life but now useless
    Even some school ask for admission by some body Reference and may some indirectly donation
    Many people shut there mouth because admission is important

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    I believe that money has nothing to do with education especially when it come to primary education. But the current senario is such that one has to admit our children in costly school because government school are not imparting better education and they are not getting in line with private school. As far as private school are concern, they are giving education and some extra curricular stuffs with increase in fees. The same cannot be possible in government school. All prefer government school but the kind of education we should get is not possible as of now.

    Have you ever wonder, why we choose government college in graduation study, why not private? Why we choose private school in primary education? After 10+2, students are well matured and they can cope with the education on their own while this is not true at elementary level.

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    Most of the parents admit their children to hi-fi schools for their prestige and status The rich class can afford to pay high fees. Children may enjoy the luxury in these schools. But as far as the standard of education is concerned these costlier schools are no way superior to any of other Schools.

    Earlier we had only Government Schools and colleges and most of us have studied in Govt Schools. The education standard was excellent those days. We had eminent teachers. Now slowly the Government Schools at the verge of closure. The main reason is , Government do not provide basic amenities to Govt Schools. The standard of education in Govt schools are also decreasing year by year.

    There is general impression that the standard of education in Government Schools are bad and there by parents admit their children to Private Schools.

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    It is not at all necessary to admit the children in such schools which demand lots of money. Education and money are two different aspects. Even government schools or those private schools which can easily be afforded offer a good education. One has to enrol their kids in such schools where teaching staff is good and where education is valued. Instead, nowadays we get rid of going through the trouble. Somewhere in our subconscious mind, we believe that the things that are costlier are always better.

    Thus, if something is costing more than it must be of great value. However, it cannot be true always. Schools demand more money for the infrastructure and the facilities they are offering. Some of them offer extracurricular activities to the kids. In short, value education over everything else. Thus, we should not hesitate in admitting our kids in such schools where education is good and the fee is affordable.

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    I feel it is not necessary to admit them in very costly schools by paying higher fees and other charges. There are people who are very rich and they may put their children in very costly schools. They may have capabilities. They will send their children in cars and they will have all costly habits. If a middle-class family admits their ward in such a school, the children compare themselves with the rich children and they will get mentally upset. So we should select a school where all the students will be from almost the same standard of living.
    The quality of teaching may depend on the teachers but not on the fees what we pay. So we have to select a school where education is good. No one can take care of their wards in a better way than their parents. So if the parents can spend daily 2 or 3 hours with their children, the children will become good in their studies and they will also have all good qualities.
    So I feel we need not think of high fee schools but we should think of good quality education school.

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