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    This is what we call the comedy of errors!

    Imagine the moments of few times back when the big leaders of the opposition parties came together in order to form the major alliance partnerships in against to the current BJP government under the leadership of PM Modi but as the big occasion is arriving soon of the upcoming Loksabha election each of them are fighting among themselves & that we are evident of the disputes within the party too. What can be the better terms which can be used here other than the comedy of errors?

    Do we still need the proofs of about what those parties were up to?
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    The opposition parties common goal is to get power. There are many people who wanted to become PM in each party. There is any other agenda than defeating BJP.
    In Telangana Congress offers special privileges like exclusive hospitals, schools and loans to Muslims.
    All opposition parties becoming united is a tax like weighing the frogs in a balance. If you keep one from in the balance by that another frog will come out. Again we have to catch that frog and put in the balance. By that time another frog will jump down. So it is impossible to weigh these frogs. Same is the case to bring all the opposition parties together.
    KCR of Telangana compares himself to PM Modi and he wants to become PM to make his son CM in his state. Like this everyone has their own agendas and it is a union of selfish people I can say.

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    Whenever the ruling party appears to be going strong and also appears to win the forthcoming elections, then the opposition becomes desparate to check this growth by hook or by crook.

    This has happened and history is full of such instances and it is going to happen again and again in our country.

    Anyway, this type of reaction is a part and parcel of our political system.

    Opposition will try to be united at least till the present regime is ousted. After that they will fight for power for which everyone will claim his worth.

    That will be a bad time because any coalition Govt will not survive for long and mid term polls will be inevitable. The public money will be wasted in those additional elections and country will be in a unstable state.

    The voters will not understand these crucial things as they have their own affiliations and loyalty to different parties in our country.

    Knowledge is power.

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    This is really a hilarious situation that all the people who have tremendous differences between their ideologies are now coming close to form a coalition to fight the present regime.

    It clearly shows how the polticians can change themselves and adopt to any situation.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The mahagathbandhan is nothing but a strategy to stop BJP in centre government rule in 2019 to 2024. Chanakya has said that, when one person is opposed by many persons, understand that the person is honest and deserving. The who are opposing are nothing but a greedy soul with eagerness to get power at any cost. The same is happening with opposition parties against PM and BJP.
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