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    Congress manifesto highlights A.P. Special status, Nyay, farmers, jobs, GST

    Congress released its manifesto yesterday where A.P. Special Status got importance. For A.P. people it is really welcoming thing where BJP ruled out the chances of Special status for A.P. after promising it in the Parliament by previous P.M. and BJP's Priministerial candidate as an election promise. A.P. people really welcome this good gesture from Congress party as it sticks on to its old promise. They know that they may not win in A.P. but they stuck on to their policy which cannot be seen in BJP. The other highlighting features include Nyay for poor, simplifying GST with only two slabs, provide assistance to farmers, job provisions are welcoming features of Congress manifesto. Do we have to see what BJP promises for people in their manifesto?
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    Political parties make their manifesto based on various considerations. This is a supposed path they will go if they win the elections.

    Gullible voters will not understand the intricacies of these promises.

    For example the opposition was against GST implementation and gave a tough time to the ruling party and now they are telling that they will simplify it further. They are not talking that they will remove it! If they have guts why they do not remove it. All business people will be happy with them and vote them.

    So we should not look to these promises superficially. They are the work of intelligent minds to mislead the voters.

    Every party does it and Congress is no exception.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Mr.Neeru, Congress in the previous government planned for GST with two slabs. Mr.Modi in his regime implemented it with more slabs and it caused lot of anger business community.

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    Opposition parties will always like to announce a manifesto which pleases all the sections of the society, different religions and other groups in the country. To that extent congress has done a good home work and brought out this manifesto.

    Let us not compare the parties by their manifestoes and rather compare them as per their past performances.

    We have seen the past performances and now we have to take a conscious decision of voting after assessing these parties.

    Another thing which is very important is the affiliation aspect. It means that if someone has some affiliation with a party and he is taking advantage of that also for making connections and getting his work done (including the employment of offsprings and relatives), then morally he is bound to that party and votes for it as a default. He does not bother for the manifesto.

    Knowledge is power.

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    During every election political parties come up with manifesto to fool people. We have seen that these parties forget the manifesto once they are elected. Our memory is also short we forget these assurances after five years and the political parties come with same manifesto or with new manifesto during the subsequent election.

    We need to analyze these manifesto and see how far the assurances in manifesto are realistic.

    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    What is Nayay for poor mentioned in this thread?
    How they simplify GST?
    What assistance they are providing to farmers?
    What is a job provision??
    Why AP need special status? What about other states?

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    I don't know much about the manifestos or politics but what I have got an idea is through the various discussions with the facts presented on the various news channels & therefore on the practical side I don't agree with the author more especially when it comes to believing the oldest political party of our country, the Congress party. And if the author goes on mentioning that, "but they stick on to their policy", than this can be taken as the best of satire in today's politics because what started by the Indira Gandhi is still being taken care of by her grand-son through "Remove Poverty" slogans.

    "Really they stick to their policies."

    May I remind the author with the fact that almost all the well-known personalities of the Congress party including the party President Rahul Gandhi, the Sonia Gandhi & the Robert Vadra, Mr. P. Chidambaram & his son Kartik Chidambaram are on bail & the list still not completed & with these facts the Congress party has come-up with "Nayay for poor". The administration which couldn't able to open the bank accounts for the poor during their long tenure is now betting on transferring funds & possibly the author has already evident of this in the three states of MP, Chhattisgarh & Rajasthan wherein the loans of up to Rs. 2L has already been waived-off of the farmers.

    And their ideas for Kashmir solution are really inspiring too.

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    Mr Ramkrishna,
    Your explanation is all right. What I want to emphasise is that there are many issues in our country and parties are giving their solutions for it. What matters is how much these promises can be converted to realities in the coming times.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    According to the Indian National Congress Party (INC), out of one rupee spent on welfare of the poor, only 15 paise reaches to the poor. That means,85% of the rupee is draining out as corruption. Now the same party is coming up with a Nyay scheme by which an eligible poor family will be entitled to receive Rs 72000 annually. The estimated poor people in 2018 is 25 Cr.20% of this number is 5cr .Five crore families multiplied by Rs 72000 will be 3.6L Cr.If we factor the above 85% for corruption, the fund needed for this scheme will be 20.4L Cr. This is an astronomical number. Mr Chidambaram is saying that this will be given in addition to all other subsidies and welfare schemes!
    How you identify a poor?
    A poor can be identified in paper very easily, practically it is very difficult.
    I am seeing a wide scope for corruption in this scheme.
    We need to know the draft budget and tax collection strategy before the implementation of this scheme.

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    Congress says they will give Rs.72000 rupees for poor families annually. So all those families who are having an income less than Rs.72000/- per annum should at least get compensated with a difference of amount. Many pension schemes are introduced by state governments which are less than Rs.6000/- per month. So they should also get compensated. So the total expenditure will be very high. Where from the government will get the money. So the Income tax will go up from 30% to 40%. So all salaried employees will suffer. Making promises is very easy but implementing them is very difficult.
    The very Congress is responsible for the present day problems of Andhra Pradesh. When they divided the State they never thought of special status to Andhra. But in Rajya Sabha MPs tried and then the then PM announced special status but not included in the reorganisation bill. That is given a way to the present government to say no to this. Now they are talking about Special Status. In my opinion, no Andhra Person should Vote for Congress because of the injustice done to AP.
    In Telangana, Congress promised special privileges to Muslims. Why special to them. What is the reason? This they promised during Telangana assembly elections.

    always confident

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