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    What is your method of taking computer or mobile backup?

    Today everyone uses data and uses smart devices like mobile or computer. The devices are with limited capacity in terms of storage. After sometime we need to backup the data for future use. I normally copy and paste the data like files and folder manually but I even heard some of the software who did the task every efficiently. I have not experience of software backup method. Do you have, can you share it with us? What are the pros and cons of using software backup method?
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    There are many ways of data backups in the computer and the system also backups the data periodically.

    I prefer to do it manually not in the laptop or mobile but in a external hard drive. Only thing is that I have to periodically transfer the data from the laptop and mobile to the hard drive. It may look as old fashioned cumbersome process but I have almost practiced it for quite some time.

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    There are many options for people looking to backup up their data. These methods will have their own merits and demerits. Some of the methods I know and use are
    1.USB sticks are small, cheap and convenient. They can be stored and transported easily. Transferring data from these to other systems is easy. But chances of losing them are also high. Many time these USBs are lost for very less time and they are not completely reliable.
    2. External hard drives are very useful and they can be plugged into other sources. But if we want to use them as stand by, we should not use them regularly. We should transfer the data and use them in case of emergency only. They contain a huge space to store large files.
    3. There are many third-party cloud storage options are available They are free or paid or free with paid extras. iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive are some reliable providers.

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