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    Business being down day by day in IT sector all over world , reasons?

    Business being down day by day in IT sector all over world ,What could be the reasons for this downfall?
    Companies are struggling to get new project so in IT Companies lot of people sitting on the bench or no work. If thing will down more time then more people can loose job soon. Whats your views on this ? Are you seeing anything when IT market can get boost in work ?

    Above details I written as per experience of my surrounding and India's peoples views.
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    IT sector had a phenomenal growth in the past and there is still potential for growth as everything on this planet is slowly converging towards digitisation and online solutions.

    The present trend is an intermediate stagnation period and will be over soon.

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    IT sector had grown very fast and it is the major sector which is providing jobs to many so-called Engineers. Even this year also many organisations are going to different colleges to recruit people. So I think for the next 20 years or so there will be not any problem. The business will increase and you will find more people employed in the IT sector.
    There is a change in the recruitment policy of the IT companies. Earlier days they are preferring only BE/B Tech. But these days what they find is that they can manage with B.Scs also. For B.Sc graduates they can pay less than what they are paying to a BE/B.Tech. So many B.Scs are getting jobs and there is less demand for BE/B Tech.
    I hope that there will not be in any rescission in the recruitment of IT sector. In addition to that, there is growth in the manufacturing sector also and the chances there will also go up in the coming years.

    always confident

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    The IT industry in India has a phenomenal growth not only in the domestic market but in the export market also. In fact, the market size of IT industries increased 100% in last 5 years in the export market.

    Today there is some stagnation of IT in US and the demand of IT services is dwindling. This is a matter of concern. So the potential in export market is in a fearful state. Another threat is the cheaper IT services from China and Taiwan which are giving tough competition to IT services of other countries.

    The silver lining is the domestic market where immense potential exists for the growth of IT industry. There are so many Govt institutions and organisations and set ups in the country even in remote and inaccessible places that computerisation of all those activities is a requirement of time and that will generate a lot of activity and employment in this sector.

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    I d no think so. Any sector has its own cycles. The focus area of IT is now changing. So the sector needs dynamic adjustments and growth. Those who were not updating and dynamic will be out of business.
    In our country still the penetration is not full and vast gap is there. So IT will have its place here for some more years. By then it has to foray into more growing and developing areas to escape obsolescence and stagnation.

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    I think IT software reduced manual work so lot of people lost his job and unemployment increasing day by day. Some people who is from non IT field also joining IT field so competition is high as compare to vacancy . Getting new projects in difficult due to fast changing version and technology. People are not easily convinced on new versions of software.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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