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    Who is responsible for this?

    Who is responsible for this? At times, members make mistake in the forum posts and responses, especially severe spelling mistake that changes the meaning of the sentence or not understood by others. They are both tolerable and intolerable. Who are the ISCians who is responsible to correct the mistakes of a member? Is it the member only or the ISC admin (WM/ME/LE/E)

    Recently, I checked a member for his spelling error (whether instead of weather). My attempt to notify the member through a PM failed. The member never opens his PM section. Hence, I had to inform that member to carry out the correction in a response to that thread. Yet the member failed. Also, I requested the online editor to carry out the correction. The online editor (SG) read the entire thread, and posted his response and locked the thread. Yet the online editor did not have time to correct that important word in the title of that thread.

    My question is - Why the online editors are not doing their job of editing?

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    Many times when we post our thread or replies to the threads we will be committing some spelling mistakes. Many times the editors will be informing the same to the concerned by email. I have also received such emails earlier. Even some members also sent me once or twice about the spelling mistakes. I don't know whether it is possible for the Editors to correct all the postings. The author should be more careful and should read once or twice before posting. These days I started doing that. It will help us in correcting the spellings. Grammarly is also helping us to avoid grammar and spelling mistakes. I feel it will be helpful to all and it is better to download the free Grammarly so that many of the mistakes will get corrected and 99% spelling mistakes also will be avoided.
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    While I agree that the title of a thread can be corrected by a forum editor if an error is seen, it is possible that, like in this case, prior to locking the thread it was overlooked and is a genuine inadvertent oversight. I know for a fact that Saji Ganesh and other forum editors are correcting text in the titles of many threads.

    With regard to forum responses, forum editors do not need to do this, really. The onus rests on the member to check and double check every response after hitting the submit button - how many times have editors (and other members as well) pointed this out? Yet, nobody really cares. Excuses are given that it was submitted through the mobile phone!! I myself have personally sent emails to members (sometimes more than a couple of times to the same members) to request them to check spellings, typo, and even spacing errors. Despite all my patient guidance, the same members continue to ignore the requests. I have repeatedly requested, too, to get names of people correct, whether it is a sportsperson, a freedom fighter or even a member, but does anybody bother? I know I, too, have made typos, but do make an effort to check back what I submitted and correct it or correct it later when somebody else points it out to me.

    I also request members not to address members by their initials. It is not right to address somebody as 'SG'. Even in responses, the trend continues of addressing members by the response number. They are not prison inmates or roll numbers on an exam answer sheet. Respect them as co-members and address them by the name that appears against their posts here.

    Finally, please avoid rudeness when raising an issue.

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    An update - I have done the needful in the thread on the weather.
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    Am I rude in raising this thread? Did I use any impolite or rude language? I don't feel it as incorrect if we shorten the name of a member or editor by their initials. Rahul Gandhi is always quoted as RG. Anyway, this will not be repeated.

    My sole lengthy response in that thread was very clear to the member and the online editor to correct the word. It cannot be an oversight by the online editor. It is the poor knowledge or the ignorance of that editor, I must say. You are a good guard to that editor.

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    Adding to what Vandana ma'am has said, I would like to clarify this point for once and all since this is not the first time that Sun has been raising this issue. It may be noted that we, the editors, do correct such mistakes as and when it comes to our notice. But in cases like the one under reference where members point out the mistake, I think giving a cash credit/ enhanced points for such notifications is an indicator that the mistake has been acknowledged. Then does it really require a correction? It is from that point of view that the titles or texts are left unedited in such cases. It was so in this case especially because the thread was locked subsequently. Anyway, the point has been noted and the needful will be done.

    Sun, avoid personal attacks. Leave my capability as an editor to be assessed by the Webmasters and the ME. And, nobody guards anyone here. A mistake is always accepted and corrective measures taken in all genuine (genuine) cases. All the members, including editors and even the WMs when they post as members, are given the same importance. Let there be no doubt about it.

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    Okay, You said it and I accept it. Hope to see some good improvement in online editors.
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