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    Pure drinking water in Summer: mix science with tradition!

    Come summer, and in most places, the temperatures go above 35 degrees C. Or even much more. Water availability becomes a big problem. However, with whatever little water we have, we would possibly pump up the water to a tank and then get it released through pipes and this includes the kitchen too. However, the almost twenty thousand rupees that we spend on an RO and UV filter, that can be fitted to one of the kitchen taps, is fine enough to give us the purest water.

    What should we then do? Take this water to the earthen pot, which will enable us to keep the water so pure. This is the age-old method, but it works. Since the water is pure, we are assured of good cool water. The water that is stored in the refrigerator does have some problems. There are power cuts galore and when this happens, the water is not that cool either. Opinion is still divided as to whether it is safe to drink water that is stored in water cans in the refrigerator. Yet, most youngsters literally like only this.

    I for one vote for the traditional method. The service mechanic comes along, changes the membrane every year at Rs. 5000, but the water filter gives me very pure water. No health issues at all. And then the pot takes over. What do members have to say about this? In my estimate, an expenditure of Rs.14 per day, on the yearly maintenance is peanuts. I get the purest water.
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    We use an earthen pot to cool water in summer. We collect the RO water and pour it in the pot and we drink as and when we want. We have 2 pots in our house. We use earthen glasses to drink water this season. The earthen pot will have a porosity through the tiny holes like our skin and the water in these holes will take care of the heat from outside and keep the water inside cool. The taste of this water is also different from the water which is stored in the fridge in a plastic bottle.
    When we use an RO plant we will be getting a lot of wastewater. Generally, three glasses of water will give you one glass of RO water and the remaining 2 glasses of water will go as waste. In our house, that wastewater will be collected in a bucket and used for cleaning the vessels and washing the clothes. That is how we are avoiding wastage of water.

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    Keeping the RO water in earthen pots is a viable and nice idea to get the cold water round the clock. Storing water in plastic bottles has certain chemical hazards which are being shown in the awareness videos time to time. Ordinary plastic is prone to degradation and chemical changes.

    Only care and precaution which is required to be taken is the cleanliness of the earthen pots as there is a danger of bacterial assemblage in them. At least once a day the pots are to be cleaned and dried so that the water remains as fresh and drinkable.

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    Why spend some sum for water. Let us follow this to have pure water and save money.

    1. Bring the potable drinking water from elsewhere
    2. Filter it with a fine cloth
    3. Refilter
    4. Re- Refilter
    5. Boil the water to the maximum point
    6. Let it cool
    7 Take an earthen pot
    8. Fill it with pebbles (1/8 portion of the pot)
    9. Pour the water into it
    10. Have a drink.

    You have excellent water to quench your thirst and get rid of summer heat.

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    It is a great idea to use earthen pot to store water for drinking purpose. People have been using such earthen pot in the past to keep water cool and quench their thirst in summer. Even we used to use this earthen pot to keep water cool and pure. I found this the most appropriate to keep water cool and pure. It is also the most affordable and everyone can use it without any problem.

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    Earlier many people were using ordinary porcelain candle filter and that water was then transferred to the earthen pot. It was very common in Rajasthan, UP and Gujarat and may be other states also.

    The problem with earthen pot at that time was that sometimes they got choked and the evaporation reduced leading to less cooling. Nowadays good quality earthen pots are available and this problem does not come.

    In fact during rainy season we were boiling the tap water and then once it is cooled we transferred it to the earthen pot.

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