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    What should be the ideal air-conditioner temperature during day and night hours in summer?

    Should air-conditioners be set to a certain range only during the day and have a separate range during the night during the summer season? Suggest what would be the best temperatures to maintain an air-conditioner during the summer season.

    The average day temperature in most of Tamil Nadu, except the hill stations, is around 36 deg C. It is really very hot. And without an AC it is not very convenient. At least for two hours. Now comes the classic confusion. A forwarded message from a friend warns that the AC temp should be 26 during the day and mostly around 21 during the night.

    I would tend to push it to 19 during the day and 18 during the night. Members, particularly, doctors who know the scientific truth, please do advise. Is it essential that the AC temperature should be somewhat near the actual atmospheric temperature? If the AC is set at 36 deg C, I am sure that it will have zero effect. And at night, what should we do?

    The messages warn us of heart attacks or even brain hemorrhage. I guess these guys see the Tamil TV serials or Telugu TV serials so often and get fancy ideas. Whatever be the truth, let us be informed. What should we do and what are the ideal temperatures?
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    Either it is day time or night time we can have the same temperature. Generally, in summer the outside temperatures will be high. In other seasons the room temperature will be around 25 to 28 degrees centigrade. So our body will be comfortable with that 25 to 28 degrees centigrade. So I always keep my AC temperature around 25 degrees centigrade only. In my office, I keep my AC at 25 degrees during day time. I am very comfortable at that temperature. In the nights we keep our bedroom AC at 27 degrees centigrade. I prefer 25 but my wife feels cold after an hour or so in the room. Hence we will fix the temperature at 27 degrees centigrade. Our body should not get exposed to different temperatures at different temperatures. So going down to 20 or 18 degrees centigrade is not advisable. If you want that much low temperature you may have to use AC during winter and rainy season also in Tamilnadu, Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala and Telangana the day time temperatures in another season also will be around 25 to 28 only and it will not be going less than that. Only in winter sometimes in the midnights, it may go less than 18 degrees centigrade.
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    There are different views and ideas people have about use of AC in the house. Some use it to make the room chill while some prefer it in a moderate range.

    My thinking is that in summers we should feel comfortable inside the room after AC is on and should not feel cool as if we have reached a hill station. I have seen people keeping AC at 21 degree centigrade and then taking quilt and enjoying life in a hill station. I do not advocate this idea as AC is not for that purpose. It is only to give us relief from the heat and humidity.

    Towing that line I strongly feel that in a place where outside temperature is 36-38 degree, we should keep it in the range 26-28 degree in the day time and 27-29 degree in night time.

    To test it one can take a thin cover or sheet and see whether one is feeling cool. If no, then it is OK but if yes, the change the range slightly.

    If one can sleep without a cover than there is absolutely no problem as one will feel pleasant at these ranges but if one wants to go inside a quilt and that also in the summers then one can keep the range even at 18-21 degrees! Though in my opinion it will be overindulgence.

    Another problem is if you keep the temperatures too low then you will feel highly uncomfortable in outside environment.

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