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    The Rafale scam that is rocking the country - A book released by a social activist

    In Tamilnadu, a book titled "Nattai Ulukkum Rafale Bera Oozhal(The Rafale scam that is rocking the country) has been written by a social activist and published by a Tamil publishing house. The election commission has not objected to the publication. Since it is published only in Tamil, it could be translated and published in all states of India.

    Is it right to launch such a book at his juncture of election to parliament?
    Will it have any serious impact on the election results?
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    We can't comment without understanding the content of the book. If it is supporting one political party and blaming another political party then there will be an objection. Even though it is published in the Tamil language if anyone makes a complaint to Election commission they will investigate and take action as deemed fit.
    In Telugu Rajgopal Varma made a movie on the relationship between NTR and his second wife Lakshmi Parvathi. In this movie, they have shown Chandra Babu Naidu as a culprit. Somebody raised an objection in Andhra Pradesh and the EC stopped the release of that movie in Andhra Pradesh. The producer went to Court and the court advised him to wait till the election is over.
    In the absence of any complaint, I think the Election Commission will not take any action. Personally, I feel writing on matters which are controversial can't be encouraged during the election time.

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    This shouldn't be objectionable so far the facts presented are true or else we are on a wrong path. This can't be denied that the secrecies hasn't been revealed publicly on account of exact purchasing cost along with the configuration & therefore the main source of the information could from the decisions involved with the SC & CAG & these are favoring the ruling party but how the things are being presented are yet to discover.

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    If there is objectionable matter and complaint is there than the publisher will have to stop the circulation of the book. Otherwise there is no issue.

    We have to find out the contents of the book before we can make an opinion or comment on this.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Rafale is a controversial issue between two governments of the past and present. Who is perfect and who is corrupt is not clearly understood. Both Congress and BJP claim to be Mr. Clean with Rafale. The scandal pertains to Congress which has taken eight good years to finalize a deal or the BJP which has taken a quick decision and completed the deal in a short period is yet to be seen. Congress lacked to think about the security of the nation, but BJP realised the importance and necessity of Rafale fighters. The scandal book has just been released. The content of the book will come to limelight within a few days.

    If the book accuses BJP of corruption, Modi will take up the issue to the court to ban the book. If Congress is the culprit, it would sit on the book and say BJP is corrupt.

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    Rafale deal is already under observation in Supreme Court of India and almost it is clear with respect to audit reports. There are no evidence of any scam in it. Thus, the book content should not deviate with respect to the aim and objective of the deal just to get advantage in terms of election. Everyone is free to express their content and consent but it has to be in purview of the country and its pride.
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