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    Incorrect fathers name in 10th certificate

    My fathers correct name is gurcharan singh. The name of my father mentioned in my 10th certificate is s gurcharan singh. The extra s at front makes it incorrect in 10th certificate. all the other certicates like 12th, graduation ,pan card etc have the correct name of my father that is gurcharan singh. As I'm applying for govt jobs as well as civil services I use my fathers name as gurcharan singh there. So I'm worried what to do will it cause problems at the time of documental verification if it does then how to correct my name in 10th certificate. I have passed 10th since 10 years ago. And what name should I write in govt exam application forms. Need a legal advice thanks in advance
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    When there is a mistake in your tenth class certificate why you have waited so many years without getting it corrected immediately.
    You please contact the school in which you have studied your 10th class. You give them your request for correction in writing. You have to attach your tenth class certificate as well as a copy of the proof to show your father's name correctly. Submit the same in the school. Take a copy of the application and get the acknowledgement as proof that you have submitted the certificate for correction. Keep one or two copies of the 10th certificate duly attested by the HM of the school for your reference. If they object to taking your application as it is delayed a lot then the only way for you is to get the affidavit made. For that, you have to contact a good lawyer in your area and he will guide you accordingly.

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    They are not listening as its too late but haven't tried affidavit. Will it work sir? Is it a notary one?

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    If you are requesting the school office/ board for correction after a long time they may not entertain you.

    In that case you have to go for legal affidavit. Please contact a lawyer who will prepare it in the legal format and then you have to sign it in presence of a magistrate in the court. The magistrate will also countersign it under his seal. One thing which is very important is that before signing, you must yourself check the typed legal document for any spelling mistakes in your name or father's name and other details about you. This is necessary to ensure that no confusion arises when you present it for verification at the time of counselling/ interview.

    Please remember to affix all the supporting document with this affidavit as they will form a part of it.

    I am not very sure whether the notary affidavit will do in this case. You have to confirm from the lawyer or the court office about it. There are certain matters where notary affidavit is accepted but for any name mistake in educational certificate that may not be admissible. Anyway, this you will have to find with your lawyer as they know the latest practices going on in these matters.

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    Legal recourse is the only option in such cases.

    It will be better if you contact a lawyer who has tackled this type of things earlier. Experience matters in these things and try to get an experienced lawyer who can make the legal documents correctly.

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    According to me, it shouldn't matter much. The additional letter S is the initial of your father. So You will have your name with your father's name as your initial G. Your name is G.Ravinder Singh. You need not to worry much. It is not a big issue to worry about.

    @ When your 12th and Graduation certificates are correct with your father's name intact, your 10th certificate will not be demanded and considered. In all your communication and documents, write your father's name as Gurcharan Singh only.

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    In such cases, one should take legal procedure to change the name in the certificate or try to get affidavit the same which reflects the correct and incorrect name in a single document. Take the advice of any lawyer who can give you better solution. Try to contact state board, it they are willing to make correction or give you duplicate certificate, you should first go for this options otherwise with affidavit you always have to carry both the documents at all the time during document verification. Provide necessary proof well in advance because this is the most important documents which is asked at all the stages of your career for either date of birth proof or other criteria like overall 60 % and so on. Do not wait for it. Take action.
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    If the school authorities refuse to accept the only way left is to go for an affidavit. Contact a Lawyer and he will guide to correctly and you will get the affidavit quickly also.
    Don't neglect. Sometimes small mistakes only will cost heavily. These days there is a big competition for government jobs and by any chance, somebody gets disqualified after getting the selection for the post for a small reason it will be painful. So please be proactive and take the action immediately. Already you delayed the matter a lot and now at least be fast enough. I wish you all the best.

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