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    Whom would you love to rule: others or yourself?

    We all know about the great scientist Late Jagdish Chandra Bose. During his young age, he wanted to join the Indian Civil Service and so decided to go to England to compete for the exam. Bose's father rejected his plan though he was a bureaucrat himself. He wanted Jagdish Chandra Bose to become a scholar so that he would rule nobody but himself.
    What do you feel about the decision of Bose's father? Suppose, you are in Bose's father's shoe then, what would be your advice to a youngster? As an individual, do you prefer to govern others or love to rule yourself?
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    An interesting post by the author. Sometimes charting a career path in our life is guided by our interest while other times it is as per the guidance of the parents or friends etc.

    Administrative services have their own charm and the power and facilities which come with it are incomparable. Most the the people aspire for such careers in their life. Once you are the administrator then everyone looks up to you for orders and directions. The immense respect and prestige given by the subordinates is another reason to be happy.

    On the other hand scientific and research work is totally different than the administrative work and in the former you are limited to yourself in your work. You are the master of your work and there is no end to the assimilation of knowledge and searching new dimensions in it.

    Different people have different choices and temperament and depending upon that they will choose the career line.

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    The choice will not be the same for the same. That depends on the desire and thinking of the individual.
    Administrative services are having the chance to rule over others whereas scholar is his own boss. He need not rule anybody and nobody can boss over you.
    As an individual, I have seen both professions. As Director(Production) of the Organisation, I used to control the overall production team of the organisation. There the nature of Job is more of planning and administration.
    When I was the Director(Technical) I was the technical head of the company where the technology is in my hand and the team has to follow my recommendations on the technological aspects. I was independent and directly reporting to the Board of Directors only.
    I enjoyed both the job. The selection will vary from person to person.

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    Parents are always in a better position and have more responsibility in determining the future and career of children. Children at their age and maturity will be difficult for them to take right decision. As far as J C Bose is concerned, it was during the rule of British empire. Possibly, his father , Bhagawan Chandra Bose though Deputy Magistrate , was a leading member of the Brahmo Samaj did not wanted his son to serve British Empire.

    J C Bose had he pursued Civil Service , he would have become one among many others. The decision of his father made him a scholar and we talk about him now.

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