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    Congress and Janata-Dal Secular leaders have joined hands, but cadre does not accept this

    Indian National Congress and Janata Dal- Secular have formed a pre-poll alliance in Karnataka. Congress has given 8 MP seats to Janata Dal-Secular out of the 28 seats in Karnataka.

    Congress and Janata Dal Secular are arch rivals in some constituency. They fought tooth and nail in the last assembly election. It has become taxing for the local cadre now to accept the dictum of the leaders because of their rivalry at taluk and booth level.

    Already there are revolts by the local leaders at the District and Taluk level. The State leadership is trying hard to control the damage.

    The alliance by the political parties at the National and State level is causing confusion among the party workers. The local leaders are not in a position to accept their foes yesterday as friends today. But it is very easy for the National and State leadership and shake hand at any time.
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    That means still they are some people with ethics and values. The top people are having power hungry. So they don't mind going down to any level. But the people at the bottom level are having some beliefs and values. So they are refusing this type of friendship. This incident should teach a lesson to the top people of the two parties. They should understand the importance of the cader and they should know that if they are not supporting them there is no chance for them to win as their,e will not be anyone to work at the booth level.
    This time this change of parties by candidates are causing a lot of confusion. The candidate who contested last time on Congress ticket is contesting this time on TRS and Vice Versa in Telangana.
    There should be some changes in rules and regulations of election commission to stop these frequent change of parties and it should be more strict in case of already elected candidates. Otherwise the whole thing will be a mess and we can't understand who is in which party.

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    Coalition between the parties is based on the political convenience. There is no other guidelines for such nexus.

    The present regime has initiated certain things in the country which are of nationalistic and patriotic nature. Due to this the opposition parties are seeing a downfall of their poltical career and that is forcing them to go for any alliance or declare anything to woo the voters at the eleventh hour.

    This will result in making this election a very thrilling and interesting for the observers.

    Knowledge is power.

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