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    Members are welcome to check my English in this open forum

    Dear all,
    To err is human. English is a foreign language and no one is 100 % perfect at English. Even we don't write or speak our own mother tongue properly without any mistake. We all commit grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes. We should not hesitate to accept our mistake and correct.

    Through this thread, I would like to inform all my fellow ISCians that I am always open to check my English for betterment. Please don't hesitate to check me. It would help me to improve my English, and it would also help others to learn a lesson.

    While this is so, if you are also interested to get your good English checked, please say so in this thread.

    Let us form a group called "ISC English learning members"

    @ You are welcome to check my above message for the correct English.
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    Sun, good. Many members already informing the concerned author if they are finding any mistakes. I have received earlier. But even though I notice some mistakes I never report the same to the author thinking that the author may feel otherwise. But now you are openly requesting all to inform the mistakes if noticed in your posts, I will do that. I am also open to correct my mistakes if somebody notices my mistakes and inform me
    always confident

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    You have raised this suggestion earlier too at least twice if I recall, that members should correct each other's English in the forum. This is not advisable. Instead of expressing views on the thread's topic, there will be multiple back and forth responses solely about English corrections. If members wish, they can send you a message. Recently, you yourself said so when I pointed out errors in your response in the thread on sugarcane juice. Wouldn't that be best, to contact you directly?

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    I fully agree that I raised this earlier, not twice but many times. Nothing worked. No one dares to check others' English through a PM. Members don't read others PM and take action. Hence, I am allowing them to check me in the forum response itself. This would certainly help us to improve our English writing skill. You too hardly check and inform through a PM. When you observed a mistake in my response, you could have sent a PM than a Tit for Tat action.

    Sun is ready, and also Dr. Rao.

    No life without Sun

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    Correcting each other's mistake will lead to so many threads only for that purpose and some knowledgeable members will be busy in that only. It will be crowdy and clumsy.

    Can we think a common place where we can mention the thread and the mistakes therein? What I mean is that all the corrections will be seen in that common place there itself and the concerned editor can check that common place and use the appropriate ones.

    This is only a suggestion for the members participation and it will not create hindrance in the normal posts and their responses.

    I do not know how such a thing is to be integrated in a web plateform but if ISC administration feels that it is useful and can be done easily then this suggestion may be considered.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Neeru Bhatt,
    I welcome your suggestion. I suggested this in the past also. We can create a permanent thread 'English check and correction' and hang it on the top or bottom of the pinned messages group in the first index page of forum section. Members who check other's English can post it there. The concerned member can go through the thread and take corrective action. Also the member can be informed by a PM to go through the thread. This will be visible to all and read by all. After every 100 responses, a new thread should be created.

    This can be done by ISC Admin.

    No life without Sun

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    I appreciate SuN in his consistent demand for checking and improving. He has been posting many threads on the subjects periodically. As I was remembering a few of them at least, I made a search in the archives and listing here a few threads relevant to the context, among more available. It may be worthwhile to go through them and understand the then views of members and ISC establishment on that matter.

    1.Check and correct my English, my dear ISC friends

    2.How to improve our English through ISC - A proposal for your recommendation

    3. "A suggestion to improve our English through ISC forums"
    4. "Let us write, check and improve our good English to better English".

    However I feel this is not practical and consistently manageable. ISC has facilitated the 'Grammarly' in this regard. Many other software are available either on choice or as inbuilt and default facilities. Those interested can use them and self improve if willing.
    ISC forum members do help by PM or in open forum about some glaring mistakes if they come to notice them.

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    My sincere thanks to Venkiteswaran for taking some pain to trace the past threads on my efforts to correct my/our English. ISC being an educational portal, it won't be nice to read the posts and responses with severe grammar and spelling mistakes.

    It is my sincere observation that ISC admin is not taking care of grammar and spelling mistakes committed by members. Editors are not good at checking English.

    Few members don't ensure to correct their mistakes even if they are requested through a PM.

    @ It will be nice if my/our English is checked for improvement through a PM of through a forum response..

    No life without Sun

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