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    What a funny money from Ambani for NYAY!

    During RG's election speech, he himself said, "The Congress, if elected, would give Rs.72,000/- each to poor families. You may wonder where we will get the money from. It will be taken from the pockets of Anil Ambani's family and distributed to the poor."

    Is it the right way to convince the people as to how Congress would fulfill their election promises to the poor? Can RG take away the money from Ambani so easily? Is it not an immature speech with false promises of a tall leader who is aspiring to rule India? After the election, he might turn and say that he could not get the money from Ambani to fulfill his election promise.
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    He is more an entertainer than a confused person who only intends to speak on illogical & irrelevant terms. Why he being taken care of seriously by the media as his own party members & alliance partners doesn't believe him & don't take him seriously?

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    Actually most news paper is not giving the how and from where Congress is going to provide money for Nyay. Not you peoples fault that you just want to laugh and try to tell that Rahul Gandhi is immature.
    Congress will delivery NYAY from three ways. One way is to add more tax for peoples who are rich.

    I hope this is sufficient for you guys that NYAY will given to Poor people by adding new taxes for people like AMBANI and giving it to poor.

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    Mr. Rahul,
    Please understand that the rich industrialists like Ambani are the backbone of our country. They are providing employment to many lakh people who are not cared for by our government. Even if they tax the rich, how much can they tax? Can they tax them to feed the entire poor population of India? The Indian rich and the middle class is already overtaxed by our government. In that case, we will find many tax evaders than taxpayers.

    Making money to give it free is not an easy job. The government will be bankrupt and all other developments will come to standstill. RG will say sorry to the public for his false promise. Let us not worry. RG won't be PM.

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    There is no logic in the statement of Rahul Gandhi. It his his innocence which is making him to speak like this. Let him speak out what is his plan for getting the funds for making his election promises fulfilled. A very rich man will never pay higher tax. He knows how to manage his tax by showing low income. Finally the employee is the sufferer. His income is in writing and he can't deny. Already 30% of his salary is being paid as income tax. In fact around 50% of his income is going for various taxes. How much more he will pay. All these are fake promises which can't be fulfilled. Congress knows that they can't come to powe this time. That is why they are making such false promises. We should not believe these statements I think.
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    What Rahul Gandhi wanted to convey was that he will tax big business and industrialists like Ambani and help the poor. Rob peter to pay Paul-the same old trick. The same old principle of ' If you cannot make the poor rich, just make the rich also poor'.

    Rahul wants to tell people that while Modi is the friend of the corporate like Ambanis, Rahul is courageous to tax the rich for helping he poor.

    I doubt,the trick may boomerang on him. It was the same Ambanis who(reportedly) said some years ago, when UPA was ruling,that Congress was their shop. Probably Rahul wants to signal to the Ambanis etc, that unless they help Congress by funds and other support, they may be in trouble if Rahul comes to power.
    However the same can be counter productive because the scared business men and industrialists may then want to ensure BJP rule continues so that they are not affected.

    But the corporates and big business know well that it is only a mutual help and understanding. There will be suitable quid-pro-quo. The AAP in Delhi declared a lot in similar lines. We now know what really happened.

    What Rahul said may have some effect on naive citizen, but not on seasoned citizen who have consistently observed the happenings in this country.

    We should bear in mind that when political leaders 'shoot words' they aim many targets with one shot.

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    @ Sun
    I am giving you the four points from which Congress will use Rich Money and distribute to poor. So, that people don't think unnecessary.
    1) Tax of property: 2 % tax on the people who have property more than 2.5 crore rs and this method government will arrange 2.3 lakh crore.
    2) Tax of Income: People who have more than 50 lakhs per year income will be taxed and 1.36 lakh crore will be arranged.
    3) Tax of Home and Land: Land and home which is more that 2 crore will be taxed and 2.6 lakh crore will be arranged and only 1% people will be affected.
    4) New Tax slab: Govt will make new tax slab like USA and hence large fund will be arranged.

    I Hope Taxation on only 1% people will not affect all people.

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    I never thought there would be a generous future Finance Minister or Financial Advisor present here who had already planned to generate income to distribute to the poor. It is very easy to think and say, but very difficult to execute. Let us see who becomes the FM of India if Rahul is favoured by luck.

    Since the ways and means proposed to generate income for NYAY has been spelled out, the rich and middle-class taxpayers won't vote for Congress but for BJP to save their tax.

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    @ Rahul,

    The big corporates & the business houses work more & risk more than a salaried individual & according to the logic those corporates & the business houses would be liable to pay more in terms of taxes in order to pay others who don't have enough income up to the level of Rs. 72000/- annually.

    So far it's good but have we been able to look after the aftermath implications?

    So here is my conclusion that for any businessman, they are also selling the products in the lowest of the margins because of the cut throat competition in the market from the other manufacturers as well as from the importers too & in case the prices of their products may get a rise than the consumers will for sure would go for the other alternatives & this will even led to more intense competition which will result into shut down of the businesses & simultaneously increasing the unemployment ratio. For example, once the best of the brands like the BPL, the Videocon, the Nokia couldn't able to survive & those with many others got replaced by the other brands in the market.

    You estimated as the 1% of the population but the number would then be close to 1.3 crores & that's a big number. Look at the instance of the distributing thousands of free laptops by the Akhilesh Yadav during their tenure but did that make the state tech savvy.

    In addition, I will be the happiest person to vote for the Congress party because that would guarantee me for at least a certain amount being deposited to my bank account which is without any work but then what kind of message that we would be sending to the others. We already have "reservation" system which is eating away the talents from the competition for being selective & we have yet another scheme from the top leader of the Congress party who each times comes-up with different schemes without indulging into the implications.

    We got terms like the inflation & deflation & for sure the Rahul Gandhi would be so much confused of his own religion that he is not able to differentiate in between the two. I am surprised of the fact that the Rahul Gandhi being on bail on some fraud case but he still having a good back-up from the individuals like you & that's the hazardous thing about our society.

    I am sure that because of preference of one type of ideologies we have lost our senses & mind & even the bigger picture is that we haven't been able learn from our past mistakes.

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    Neither i have capacity nor capability to calculate that how many people will be taxed. I quoted this from the daily afternoon news paper which published news on how Congress is going to tax rich on 30 th march 2019. Because most media is not telling anything and BJP aligned news agency who get huge advertisement is not willing to publish news.
    These days news is highly controlled in media.

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    @ Rahul, so instead of using your own logic you just copy-pasted the matter from some news paper. The fact is clear here that you are driven by someone else but what kind of person you would be than?

    in here one thing is not done & you have come-up with yet another issue which is, "These days news is highly controlled in media.", what few of us are up to man? I don't know about what kind of news that you can't find in the media. The PM & the army are being abused for violating human rights & the constitution has been demoralized, the CAG has has been objected, the jusrisdiction is objected, the election commission has been objected for being partial, the movies are been taken to court from releasing, the PM of Pakistan is being appreciated being referred as the peace messenger etc.

    But instead of all this, are you aware of those who are responsible for the above? You are mentioning, "Neither i have capacity nor capability" but do you even have an idea about what your actions would lead to?

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    I don't know what newspaper you read. But I suggest you read 'The Hindu' that clearly brings out the reports in detail without any confusion. It is a media which calls a spade a spade. So far, 'The Hindu' hasn't said anything about the source of income generated to meet the requirements of NYAY. For someone, The Hindu is an anti-BJP news media, but for me, it is a neutral media which is not allied to any particular party.

    My this thread message is taken from 'The Hindu'

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    @ Rahul, for exact response, pl. refer the below link again with comment, #661639 # Second para in which I wrote

    "If not on facts then have some logic."

    What had been your individual experience in context to "Demonetization"?

    And in here too, you are not on logic & not on facts.

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    It is really disappointing & sad that many of us still finding it good to cast their votes in favor of Rahul Gandhi from the bottom of their heart who is on bail on some 5000/- Crores rupee scam & even worse is that they continue to make their objections to the intentions & acts of PM Modi who is not carried with any single corruption charges on his account.

    I would always be kept on wondering with the out of this world logic for being favoring someone without any credentials & at the same time show their double standard when they come out saying that we have no social & political ethics left & that we are not doing great. Even the bigger concern is that we are unable to come-up with the implications & repercussions of our own actions.

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    Freebies, subsidies, loan waivers and other election promises by various political parties are the root cause for India's poverty, illiteracy and unemployment. Valuable tax payer's money is utilized for fulfilling these promises, disturbing the economy and growth of the country. The Nyay scheme is a sure recipe of destruction of our economy. This is nothing but corruption, intelligently formulated by Chidambaram and Congress party. It is a tool to loot the exchequer. By doling out these schemes we are compromising the ability and accountability of elected leaders.

    Giving a man fish every day to eat throughout his life or teach him how to fish: Which one you prefer?
    There should be a vision. There should be a road-map for development. You cannot fool people always.

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    We are taking the promises made by politicians too seriously.

    The history is full of such cases when hardly 1% of the promises were made come true.

    They are taking advantage of our weak memory.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    We really are running away from the debates & instead of debating on the facts or logics we rather are indulging more towards with the hypothetical credentials but why we are doing this?

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    The writing of the wall is becoming clear to even the most paranoid Modi-haters. Modi has only started his campaigning, every opinion poll has started predicting the victory by NDA. The more Modi campaigns, the more seats are expected by BJP-led NDA.
    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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