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    Request to review my AdSense profile account

    My Google AdSense Profile page link is

    As per minimum requirements set by ISC, I have fulfilled five of them excluding the requirement of Articles. (As I have published two articles). My query is that with these minimum requirements may I apply for Google AdSense?

    I am looking forward to the valuable suggestions from my ISC friends.
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    I don't think it is a good idea to apply for AdSense now. You seem to have focused primarily on uploading exam question papers and not on own content, though you have contributed in our AE section. I suggest you focus on content by submitting a number of good quality articles over the next couple of months. This is just my own personal view. Maybe somebody with better expertise about AdSense would have other views.

    Note: we have a category especially for such requests, which should be submitted in Discussion Forums>>About IndiaStudyChannel>>AdSense Profile Reviews. Accordingly, I have shifted this thread to that category and tuned the title.

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    Hi Deepak,
    I agree with Vandana. AdSense team is looking for great content be it in the form of words or videos to monetize it with ads. Exam papers are not any worth to their team and you need to prove your mettle as a writer. Submit a good number of articles, at least around 10-15 before you think of applying for the account.

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    Thank you Vandana Madam for your quick and helping response as usual. Also thank you Ankit for your views.

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