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    Leading the ship, but without the lead

    Ahoy! The anchor is aweigh, the ship is set to sail.
    Who's the captain?

    Not the one with the lead in the feet, nor the one with an iron hand.
    Not the one who shirks the work or avoids facing the band.
    Not the one with the inflated ego and bombastic words.
    Not the one who self-credits what is another's due and generally acts like a jerk.

    'Tis the one with the zest and spring in the step, the one with a firm, but gentle touch.
    'Tis the one who steps up to the plate to take on responsibilities and faces the heat with aplomb.
    'Tis the one who takes pride in the work with diffidence and lack of vanity.
    'Tis the one who appreciates a job well done and is not too harsh at errors and shows some humanity.

    Steering the ship as a leader is not learned through books and listening to speakers at seminars. Leadership is a skill learned on the job. You need to understand that it is not merely about delegating tasks and communication skills, about being a visionary and staying cool and remaining humble. It is deeply connected to building a good-natured rapport and empathy with the team, being able to work in a tandem shoulder to shoulder alongside them. You should be able to guide them when required but at the same time step back and respect their expertise, letting their wings soar independently. These are, in my opinion, the core lessons to be learned in being a leader.

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    A leader has to lead from the front and show a direction of progress and prosperity and then motivate the people to work unitedly for that goal.

    Everyone can not be a leader but everyone can cooperate with a good leader. A good leader is characterized by his interest in efforts for collective growth rather than the individual and personal growth.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Leader is one with whom we have trust and confidence. The leader should be honest, sincere and work for the development of the Country with total commitment.
    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    A leader should set a standard with his behaviour to his team leaders. A leader is who stand as an example to others memebers of the team. A leader should not be selfish and he should think that team work is more important
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    I like your post on Lead(er)ship. That's the reason you are a successful ME of ISC. I love the way you lead and guard your team. Let us know where, when and how you learned the leadership art and acquired the leadership qualities?
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    A good leader is someone who has the capability to create another good leader but most of the people who are leaders don't want others to grow as a leader. We can see it very well among politicians where one leader won't let anyone in their own party grow beyond their control. We saw political parties split due to their fight over power. We saw the fight between the state and the central government over control of some decisions.
    Many of the leaders even the good one want to be in power for a long period of time and never let others have any power. I think a good leader is someone who will let others grow as a good and better leader than him.

    Whatever happens life should move on...
    Thanks Karthik

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    Leadership is not restricted to politics only. Anyone who leads is a leader. In the IT field, there are many silent leaders who are leading the team. Politics is one such field where leaders are not real leaders. They are immoral and corrupt leaders who lead a corrupt team. Of course, there are exceptions. We had many good political leaders in the past, but not now. A leader should not be selfish to grow alone but generous to help others also to lead.

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    It is very true that everyone does not have the leadership qualities. Some people have it and they lead the team in the best possible manner in the given circumstances.

    I have seen some people who are very good in their field and are kown as the successful professionals but when it comes to lead a team they fail utterly. I know many cases where people forego their promotions and are ready to work under a junior or outsider as they had a feeling that they can not lead.

    In a conducive and disciplined environment any person can lead. The problem comes where politically motivated people create problems for a good leader and if the leader can not handle them in their own ways he fails in managing the show.

    A weak and indecisive leader will never get success. He will create a mess and will be removed or will gracefully leave the scene.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes, leadership is not limited to politics and even we have leaders in ISC who are guiding and helping members on various issues. I am basically from the IT field and I can feel how poor leadership affects an organization. IT field also filled with politics where leaders favoring certain people based on their personal closeness. It really impacts the people who are performing well for the team. Good leaders have to recognize talents, listen to ideas and open to new suggestions.

    Whatever happens life should move on...
    Thanks Karthik

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    Loved the way you wrote the piece on the given subject. I enjoyed reading it because of the style of writing, and I agree that a leader must consider the flaws of the team as his own. Accepting accolades is easy and selfish on the part of a leader if he/she is unable to take responsibility for the loss his team makes.

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