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    Nobody can hurt me without my permission

    "Nobody can hurt me without my permission" is a famous quote of Mahatma Gandhi. In our day to day life, we come across many incidences wherein we are hurt by someone for no fault of ours. But these incidences keep replaying in our mind and disturb our peace of mind.

    When we know that it was not our mistake why we should lose our peace of mind and spoil our health. It is always better to erase such incidences from our mind.
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    As long as we know that what we are doing is correct and we are sure that we are not harming anybody with our actions we need not worry about other peopke's Comments. We neednot think about their remarks or comments. But if you have a feeling that what you are doing is a mistake never go to that area. We need not worry about what others talk or comment.
    What you have done may appear incorrect to some people who will have their own ways and selfish mottos. A sincere person should not give importance to such people or their comments.

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    A very interesting thread. Actually, if we look into our causes of worry it is always something outside of our body and mind excepting any kind of physical pains suffered due to illness. We say somebody has hurt our feelings. This feeling of hurt is something which is not visible but we take it deep into our mind and keep on thinking continuously. It is not something like inflicting physical injury by beating up a person but something that is related to our mind.

    The activities of our mind are always invisible and it is going on continuously. The more we keep on thinking any kind of misbehaviour or actions that we do not like the more disturbed we will be. We need to control our mind in such a way that it follows every kind of instruction that we are giving to our mind. Only, in that case, somebody must need our permission to interrupt the mind.


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    We all are human beings and have some amount of sensitiveness in us. This is the thing that we are hurt when someone offends us intentionally or unintentionally.

    It is easy to say that ignore it or forget it but it does not happen. Our mind is very analytical and that is the reason why the consciousness in human beings separates them distinctively from the animals. Even if we try to divert our mind elsewhere our mind will be working in the background to analyse the offences.

    So, it requires a lot of practice and endurance to forgive the people who are making offences to us and it is still more difficult to suppress and control the demon of revenge in us.

    I have given the following example a few times but the context of the post is again provoking me to cite it again.

    In a story by the great writer Edgar Allan Poe a nice well behaved middle class person finally murders his rich and arrogant friend who time and again had humiliated and offended him.

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    When we carry bad memories with us it disturbs our peace of mind. Why we should unnecessarily react to issues which are concerned to us?.
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