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    Reader a true leader

    According to Harry S. Truman "not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers." All the famous leaders are ardent readers. Leaders enhance their knowledge by reading. True leaders enrich their knowledge not just by reading books, they read the minds of people and their surroundings well. They understand the problems of the people and work towards their well being. A leader should have better knowledge of their realm.

    Each one of us are a leader in our own way. A leader may lead a small group or big group, an organsation, State, or Country. It is essential for each leader to have proper insight in to the domain which they are leading.

    A true leader is one who leads by example. They create trust among the people they lead and create an harmonious atmosphere. A true leader is one who is sensible to the members of the group he is leading.
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    A nice narrative on the effective leadership.

    A leader who gathers knowledge by reading uses this knowledge in his plans and projects and guides his people for the common objectives.

    A successful leader is capable of encouraging and motivating his people in the proper perspective and that is the quality which gives him immense returns from the subordinates.

    At the same time a good leader takes responsibilities and blame on him in case of bigger failures but awards and honours his people for any collective success.

    That is the reason why a good leader has a large following.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A leader should be knowledgable. He should increase his knowledge by reading. He can share his knowledge to his team members as required and see that his team performance well. A leader should be able to identify the capacity and capability of his people and see that relevant responsibilities will be assigned to other members so that they can perform well. The success of a team depends more on the leader and his leadership capabilities.
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