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    What is your reaction to Mr.Yogi Adityanath calling 'Army is Modi ki Sena'?

    In an election meeting UP Chief-minister Mr.Yogi described 'Army is Modi ki Sena'. Many opposition parties opposed for describing Army is Modi ki Sena'. Mr V.K.Singh, one of the Minister of Modi's cabinet objected Yogi's comments and told BJP people to use Army's name for political purpose. He told that Army is meant for nation's service and it shouldn't be dragged into politics. Why BJP is overenthusiastic to take the credit of Army to get votes? Do you affirm the comments of Mr.Yogi or Mr.V.K. Singh?
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    That is just election rhetoric.
    Indian voters are not that much ignorant. They all no what is Indian Armed forces.
    Usually a team is known b the captain. When someone says Kapiil's boys played well and won the match, no one will take that the players are Kapil's children.

    When it was said as Modi's sena that means earlier it was Manmohan's sena. So where is the doubt and wrong notion? It is just to mean that while the sena is the same, the captain made the difference by leadership and proper and timely decision.

    However,let us ignore such things and spend our precious time in debating some more important matters affecting nation and people.

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    Our Defence forces Army, Navy and Airforce are under the control of our government. They cannot act independently and decide to go for a war. It has to be decided by the cabinet. The cabinet is led by the Prime Minister. As said by Venkateswaran, the PM is not permanent. He is the leader of the country and its forces. The team leader is getting changed after every 5 years. When we all can call it as Modi's government, what's wrong if we call it Modi Sena. VK Singh is an Ex-Army Chief who is presently under Modi's leadership. It is a disgrace to VK Singh to work under a politician, after being a Chief of the Army staff. The pity is he could not be a Defence minister of our country after having served as CAS, the top most Army post..

    If given a chance, I would call it as " Nirmala's Sena'" What's wrong? The CAS takes orders from the Defence Minister.

    @ During elections, don't take things seriously. Treat it as a joke and enjoy the fun created by our political leaders.

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    They are just political stunts to gain more and more votes. It is absolutely not fair to bring the army into the election campaign. Such rhetoric should be avoided by all political personal. The army is not of any govt or of any particular person, it is there for the entire country to defend and protect the sovereignty of it. If anyone is harping of "mere sena" they simply don't have any credible and valid slogan to woo the voter! This is such an unfortunate thing that we see this political gimmicks of leader to get vote bank politics rolling.
    People are aware and wary of the political developments in the country; they will turn these rhetorics upside down. It is right of the people to filter leaders to get a better one for the country.
    Forces are of the country not for any political party or of any person, they are there to protect the integrity and sovereignty of the entire country. Avoid such slogans and do what is best for the country!

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    There is no much seriousness in that. Prime Minister is the leader for leading the country. Defence forces and Ministry of Defence are also will be under the Prime Minister. As such it is not such a crime to call army as PM's sena. But opposition parties are trying to make unnecessary noice on this subject. I think they are not able to get any strong point to counter Modiji. So they are trying to make an issue out of no issue.
    In a public meeting KCR, the CM of Telangana scolded all Hindus openly with very bad words, No opposition party is able to counter that. But they are trying to see something wrong in the words of UP CM.
    If in this election somebody else becomes PM then we can call army as his Sena. But in some parties the persons who don't have any role to play will guide all the important people in the party and every senior leader has to follow his/her instructions even in governance also.

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    Election Commission gave its disatisfaction and warning to Mr.Yogi for using Army name for asking votes. EC asked Mr.Yogi not to resort to such practices next time.

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    Mr. Yogi's comment on Army as Modi Sena is not that serious like the false election manifesto announced by the opposition leaders. It is the pressure from the opposition that EC had to show its dissatisfaction and give a warning to Yogi. EC has done it to cool the opposing leaders.
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