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    The miracle of a good leadership.

    It is said that without a good leadership even a great army is of no use. The leader is the most important part of the team because he can motivate and encourage the people to do an otherwise difficult task.

    History is full of such leaders who influenced the thinking of a large number of common people and then they achieved something which may normally look unattainable. These are the people who have a tremendous ability to influence and activate others to do something good for the common cause. Some of these leaders have not only influenced their own country men but also the large number of people across the world. They have, in fact, inculcated ideologies which remain in this world for a long time and people follow it like a religious or cultural doctrine.

    There are many names in the history of the world who had a great vision, clear foresight and influenced the people in such a way that they achieved their objectives. There were many such leaders but to name a few some of these charismatic leaders were King Asoka, Winston Churchill, Franklin D Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Alexander the Great.

    These leaders were able to guide their people even in the most adverse conditions and always worked like a team where integration and fighting for the common cause was the motto.

    Today, we are seeing the world in some order and balance of power and the credit for reaching this stage is truly attributable to the great leaders of past times who have channelised the energy of common masses in positive directions for constructive purposes.

    This is my entry for the month end TOW contest.
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    Yes, it is true that the leaders of the past sacrificed their lives for inculcating certain values, morals or ideologies in the society. Because of this reason Father of the nation,Gandhiji still remembered and honoured throughout the world. Similarly, Pandit Nehru got great honour for his Panchsheel for world peace.

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    Good leadership is very important. A good leader can lead the team to success. A bad leader will spoil the chances of a team's chances to make the task successful. So we should be careful in choosing our leader. Presently in our country the activity of electing a leader is under progress. I hope the voters will think properly and vote for a good leader who will lead the nation for development and prosperity. A good thread by the author.
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