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This thread is the Special Prize winner of the Topic based TOW contest for the Month of Mar'19 on topic - Lead(er)
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    Animals as our leaders

    I was listening to a band called "Animals as leaders" and thought to myself how would the parliament look with animals as our leaders. This is the scenario I could dream.
    Mother elephant becomes the matriarch aka the prime minister as it won with a swooping majority. She pledged to offer protection to every female species in the country and with her wonderful memory she will aid the nation at its worst times. Her battle tactics too are not to be underestimated. She has the constitution "by-hearted", so she is exemplary at upholding law. But people often see her sentient side too as she is a mother first and prime minister second. She was the unopposed best candidate. She is in a good rapport with Mr. Bengal Tiger President, who has served the nation in many fields. He was a professional spy for years. He is a veteran who had mastered amphibious war tactics. Master of Ambush. He pledged to strengthen the defences of the nation and propagate new technology for the welfare of people. Mrs. Parrot who knows every tongue presides over External affairs. Minister of commerce, macaque monkey knows exactly what worth each object and objective is. Minister of transport King Cobra knows all routes in land and water. He was instrumental in building many subways and highways.
    Many animals like this justly ruled over the country. Because animals here are only doing the jobs they are naturally good at. They have no ulterior motive. I think a nation with animals as leaders would progress much faster and steadier.
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    A good thought. An animal will kill another animal when he feels hungry and no food is available to him. A cat never kills another cat. Definitely animals are better than our present leaders. I think animals never wanted money in their bank accounts or in their foreign bank accounts. We will live in a more peaceful country if animals rule us than the present day politicians and leaders. But I don't know once these animals come and see our politicians they may get spoiled.
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