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    How to play a lead role in the education of children?

    Parents can play a lead role in the education of children. In the present scenario, parents do not have time for the study of children. They try to seek admission in reputed school and provide tuition for different subjects. But these are not enough. You must provide your time for your children. You must do the following things as routine work for the education of your children:

    1. Contact the teachers of your children and take the progress report every month.
    2. Contact the tutor and take a report about weakness and remedial solutions.
    3. Spent at least half an hour daily with your children and try to find out the problems of your children and try to find a solution for the same.
    4. Motivate your children to study well and try to remove the stress of study.
    5. If possible go for outing every month to minimize the pressure and to refresh the children.

    By following the above steps, you can play a lead role in the education of your children.

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    You are absolutely right. I think we all should follow what you have just mentioned in this thread. Indeed, child is the future of our country and we must take participation in building of child and its overall development for betterment of family, society and country as whole. Thanks for raising such a good issue. Education is not a task of along school or college, it has to start from home and is never ending process till the last breath. Someone has rightly said that education is the base of country's development and progress. If each of us, take the responsibilities for at-least our child, every child will be developed at the same time.
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    True. Parents are the first teachers of their children. They have to lead them. But these days parents are spoiling their children by pampering them more which is making the children to get spoiled. If the parents give sufficient time to the children and lead them properly the children will have a better understanding of their lives and will be successful.
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    Yes, it is important to play a lead role to develop the personality of children and help them in growing an educated being. Children are highly imitators and can copy anything what an elder person does. We need to focus not only on their education but as well as on their activities.
    Children are a valuable asset of a nation, they are our future to handle the affairs of state. We can't ignore our children's progress. It is the responsibility of parents to look at children's need and their problems.
    Contacting teachers or tutors to know the progress of a child is a good suggestion. Motivating a child for the better thing in life and to ease from the pressure child should be taken on an outing.
    Children are a treasure and we need due care to bring them up!

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    Home is the first school and parents are first teachers. Parents play important role in molding the future of their children. Proper attention, coaching by the parents during the young age of children makes their foundation very strong. Children with strong foundation succeed in their career and life.
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    Parents can influence a lot in motivating a child in carrying out tasks with the full devotions. The kids would always listen to their parents because of their intense attachment and love with the parents. They treat their parents as the role - model and in all the cases, parents would come forward to help them in the crucial hours.
    We should inculcate the essential vision so that they may lead successful lives with the application such qualities.

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    When doing homework it can be hard to keep your focus. It can be nearly impossible to do boring work all on your own. It is so much easier in class when you have the teacher standing there telling you that you have to do this work right now. That is your motivation to complete it. When you are alone though, that is when it gets a bit tricky. You have no one but yourself to motivate you to work. You think, why not put it off until later or I can do this tomorrow in the class before it. Here are some ways to motivate yourself to do your own homework.
    Do it as soon as you get home
    Remember why you do it
    Think about what will happen if you don't
    Do it as soon as you get home
    The second you get home, start on your homework. This may seem lame but it is true that the sooner you get it finished with the sooner you can do what you want. Sure you could do what you want now and homework assistance sites later but then you don't have as much fun knowing you still have to do it. Plus what happens if you put it off too long and you have to stay up late to finish. Then you have a bad day at school the next day too!
    Remember why you do it
    Remember that you do homework for a number of reasons. You do it to get good grades, to learn things you will be expected to know later in life, to get into a good college and to have a good, well rounded life. All of those things should motivate you to do your homework as soon as possible. It may not seem like it now but later in your life at any given moment you will be expected to know something you learn in high school. What happens if you don't?
    Think about what will happen if you don't
    Not only will your grades suffer and your chances of getting into college decrease but one day you will be in a room full of friends and one will say something like "Doesn't he remind you of Holden?" and you won't know what they are talking about because you never bothered to read books in high school thinking they were a waste of your time.
    At any moment in the real world you could be expected to know something that you learned in high school or even grade school. If you don't know your grammar you could lose out on a job. Not knowing book references might make you feel left out with friends and above all, homework leads to a better life for yourself, so make that life starting now.

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