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    Do we need overhauling of election process ?

    India is going to witness General Election 2019 in April and May month. What we see is fake promises in form of election manifesto in order to take vote from the public. Why should not public aware of fake manifesto? If citizen is not able enough to understand the importance and practicality of the manifesto and false promises, a wrong person could decide the fate of India's next five years. It is thus, very necessary to create awareness of reality of election manifesto.

    Why do election commission approve candidate with criminal record ? Why there should not be a minimum education and zero criminal record criteria?

    What are your views regarding overhauling of election process in India?
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    The total election process is to be redone. For this we have to get the constitution amended. Unfortunately in our country this amendment also is to be approved by the politicians sitting in Parliament. They never wanted any amendments which will put them in trouble.
    For the post of a government clerk the candidate should not have any cases pending with him. But for an MP it will not matter. This itself is the big flaw in our system. Election commission can't do anything which is not there in the constitution. So it may not be possible to make these changes.
    The voters are also have their own ways and means of selecting the candidate for their voting. Majority of people go by the caste. They never bother about the back history of the candidate. The voter should become conscious and go by the merits of the candidate. Otherwise nothing will happen.
    A person like Jaganmohan Reddy the son of Rajasekhara Reddy who is having around 31 Court cases is aspiring for CM post. He is having good followers with him.

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    There is need to amend the provisions of Representation of the People Act 1951. As per the Act there is no minimum Educational qualification prescribed for election of Member of Parliament or Member of Legislative Assembly. A post of attender in Government Office requires minimum qualification of SSLC or 8th Pass. Whereas for our representatives in parliament or Assembly there is no requirement of qualification. An illiterate can also get elected as MP or MLA.

    As far as the Criminal record is concerned the Act says if a person is convicted with imprisonment not less than two years is disqualified from contesting election. But in our judicial system no politicians gets the conviction. Even if they are convicted in the lower court they get relief from the higher court.

    In order to eradicate corruption we need to amend the provisions of Representation of the People Act .

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    Most of the rules in our Indian constitution is created during our independence and out-dated for the current scenario. We definitely need overhauling of the election process and only politicians are authorized to do such changes in the constitution. I guess they won't bring any such changes in the election system.
    Supreme court and election commission have some power to make changes in the electoral system but both institutions are mostly influenced by political parties. Many times we saw judges and election commission favoring one particular member of a party. Money played a major role in our election system and it is up to people who can choose good candidates in their constituency.

    Whatever happens life should move on...
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    "Most of the rules in our Indian constitution is created during our independence and out-dated for the current scenario."-------------------What does this sentence exactly mean?
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    Constitutional amendments are required for making change in the system. Qualification, age limit, crime record etc are some crucial elements which are to be incorporated in the system.

    Another interesting thing is that there are many loopholes and deficiencies in our governance and clever people take advantage of that.

    Any system will work perfect on the two main premises where first is honesty in the governing body and second is fear of the governance. Until these two conditions are met we can not hope for the improvement.

    Many politicians are showing assets of Rs 100 crores and annual income of crores of rupees. On the other hand a person after working hard for 40-50 years can not imagine that type of money.

    So what is the source of that money? When they are caught, they show everything on paper as correct and certified by CA and lawyers. They show agricultural income, rent received for so many houses, interest from FDs and bonds. Their in laws also give them kilograms of jewelry at the time of marriage which is allowed in our system.

    So there are many anomalies and so many things are to be done for bringing a good governance.

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    In our house if everyone is indisciplined and we have to see everything, will we be able to do it or leave everything in desparation? The country is also in a similar situation.

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    Until unless the governance in the system is improved, nothing will work. The reason is that people should be fearful of the system and think twice before doing a wrong thing.

    If governance is good and discipline is enforced then many problems will get solved automatically. In a good governance, there is no need to overhaul the system. It will work correctly.

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