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    A leader should be a good follower to love, if not, he will be a dictator to hate

    My dear fellow ISCian,
    Let us know about a good leader. Here are 10 good qualities of a good leader.

    A good leader should be a good follower too.
    A good leader is he who understands his subordinates.
    A good leader is he who cares about the welfare of his followers.
    A good leader is he who is not selfish but generous.
    A good leader is he who doesn't lose heart at any cost
    A good leader is he who can communicate and express his thoughts and feelings well.
    A good leader is he who is not short-tempered and annoyed.
    A good leader is he who has an all-around vision.
    A good leader is he who doesn't hesitate to take the right action at the right time.
    Patience & tolerance is an utmost important quality of a good leader.

    Do you have something to add? Please do so.

    @ This is my thread for TOW on Lead(er)
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    I have one thing to add here:
    A leader should not think that women are always submissive!
    What you say??

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    A good leader is one who understands the strong points and weak points of his team members and who will use them based on their skill sets and capabilities . A leader is one who motivates his team members by patting on the back and advises him in the hour of need.
    always confident

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    I think you need to be educated about the word 'submissive'. Submissiveness is not a bad quality. To a good leader, his followers, whether men or women, should be submissive to understand and perform well. A good follower is he or she who obeys the order of their leader. Obedience is the other word for submissiveness.

    I know your good intention of adding this special quality. It doesn't matter if women are submissive or rude with their leader, but should be sincere, faithful and obedient to their life partner who would be a leader in the family to lead a happy and peaceful life.

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