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    Enjoy being the leader of your life

    As soon as we hear the word leader, thought strikes our mind. Most of us believe that leadership is an innate quality. Either we have the quality or else we don't. If we don't have it, we cannot acquire it. Thus, within a matter of seconds, we take a back seat and subconsciously train ourselves to be followers.

    Instead of letting others lead us, why don't we turn the tables and take control of our lives? Why we focus on the outside? Most of us do not want to be leaders as we feel the designation demands lots of sacrifices and pain. It is a big title for us. Moreover, we know there will be tons of responsibilities. We all have a leader inside us. We don't explore him/her anymore as we are intimidated by others. We feel that we will disappoint our followers if we fail to meet their expectations.

    Forget about social responsibilities or responsibilities that approach us in our day to day life in an organization that we are working. It is okay not to stand firm and take those responsibilities as we do not want to burden our shoulders with more tasks. What about our own lives? It is not okay to not take control of our lives and enjoy the leadership post.

    When we become leaders of our lives, we have the power to choose. We can either choose to be happy or sad. As decision lies in our hands, we can write our destiny instead of letting others do the same. The changes that we want to see in the outside world initiates from within us. When we change, the world also changes. The changes might be small but are always worthy.

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    Once should be the leader of his own life. Then only he can be successful in his life. Always looking for some one to guide your life, you will never be a leader in your life. Ask suggestion, observe others and thenl take your decision and act accordingly. Then only you are successful in life. Sometimes we may do some small mistakes. But we can learn from our mistakes. A good thread from the author and well narrated.
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    Surely there is a leader in each individual. We all may not be exposing our leadership to the outside world, but we can always do it at home. Every husband is a leader to his wife, and every wife is a leader to her husband(In this present world).
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