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    Can we run our country without Politicians, Parliament, Assembly, MPs and MLAs?

    Can we run our country without Politicians, Parliament, Assembly, MPs, and MLAs who are elected by people and not permanent?

    Can't we run our country with only the Bureaucrats who are selected and appointed permanently?

    If yes, Who will be the topmost person of our country? What will be the set up to rule our country?
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    Who will appoint bureaucrats? There should be a governance system headed by some one. A president can be directly elected by the people and he can govern the country by appointing persons to help him in all aspects of the governance. Another system the chief Marshal of the three defence forces can revolt with his people and take the governance to his hand. This is military rule. Military rule is prone to more hazards. The chief can dictate terms and everybody has to obey. Of all these systems the present system of democracy is considered as the best. But the people elected to the highest office are indulging in bad practices and causing problems to the people. The corruption is eating away the society. In such a scenario I feel military rule should come for some period and then once the overhauling of the governance system is completed we can go back to democratic way of ruling,
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    There should be someone to check the bureaucracy. May be we can appoint directly through voting the President of the country and Governer for the states.

    But suppose the Governer or President err then how will they be impeached?

    So there are questions in the new set up also.

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    I use to think the same question many times especially during elections. What is the need of having so many posts like MLA, MP from panchayat to parliament? Our political system is designed so complexly so that politicians can easily escape from responsibilities. if we consider human history, we are ruled by politicians only a very limited period of time. People are lived as free folks most of the time in history.
    The problem with the current world is we desperately need someone to control all our actions and it is good to have someone chosen by people to control the people through rules and regulations.

    Whatever happens life should move on...
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    It is an interesting proposition but the only problem is lack of cross checking. In democratic set up if cross checking is not there some people can take advantage of this and start behaving like autocrats.

    Let us take the example of China. There is the rule of communist party. Last year they took a decision that the present chairman of the communist party will remain chairman for unlimited terms which means till death. What is this? There is no one in their country who can run it? It has become a perfect autocratic system now. So, the leader is fixed, ideology is fixed for ever!

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    I think we should go in the Chinese way to develop and prosper. We should have leaders like Subramanya Swamy to take over the chair.
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