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    Do we have the money for votes in other States?

    In the very large States, like UP, one does not hear the problem of money being given to purchase votes. it is the worst in Tamil Nadu. There is one very corrupt politician called TTV Dhinakaran, who has now got his own party and talks about giving money so openly. The other parties are also not angels.

    We seem to be having enough problems in every State but giving money for votes is criminal. The sad reality is that the very poor know very well that only a small portion that was looted from them and now in the form of black money, is now coming back to them. The open discussions reveal that they are fed up with everyone and tend to make as much money as possible by trying to bargain with each party. However, they can only vote for one party and everyone knows this fact very well.

    What is the situation in other States? How can we educate the voters and what can be done in this respect?
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    As far as Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are concerned, the system of distributing money is very much there. In assembly elections lost time in Andhra Pradesh a gold coin weighing 5 grams was given to a family having 5 votes by some parties. In Telangana Rs. 3000/- per vote were distributed by a political party in villages. A beer bottle, a pulav packet and thousand rupees were distributed by another party.
    Tamilnadu started distributing gifts to people from government money once they come to power. Now in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh the State Governments started distributing gifts on the name of the CM from government funds.
    The voter is happy with this small money without thinking about the consequences. Ultimately the rulers giving a deaf ear to the voice of the people as they have already gave money for getting vote. No one will bother about the manifesto or promises. So people has to go round the ministers through their local leaders and a person who can give a huge bribe is only getting the work done.

    always confident

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    I think the distribution of money for votes is more common among southern states as I am not sure about northern states. I heard from most of my friends living in southern states that giving money for a vote is common during elections. Most of us blame poor people for getting money for votes but we can see people from middle and upper middle classes also getting money from politicians for votes. Most of the educated people are involved in distribution and getting money to cast their vote for a particular political party.
    There are some youngsters who stood firmly against such corrupt practices and even arguing with their family members to not get any money for votes. I hope such youngsters will bring change in the political system.

    Whatever happens life should move on...
    Thanks Karthik

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    It is the failure of the contestant in elections who is unable to attract the voters by his sincere and honest efforts but indulges in corruption to woo the voters. It is the biggest tragedy in the first place of an electoral candidate who adopts these irrational tactics to win the election.

    Such a corruptive system evolves when a leader is not capable to compete with other candidates in the fray and then follows these mean tactics to win the seat. A leader can't be corrupt and divulge to such irresponsible acts.
    During elections, these things are shaping up quite badly and it is not good for a fair electoral process. It has been seen in many states and in many northern parts as well.

    When money is distributed in elections to woo voters, chances to fair elections and winning a fair leader ends!

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