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    ISC is dull due to IPL

    ISC members are not active in the forum and other sections. Why? I think it is the IPL that has taken our ISC members. Members are paying more attention to IPL matches than their ISC activity. This is evident from the responses pouring into the thread created in this forum. Active members are losing interest in ISC as there are no threads to respond.

    Am I right?
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    There are so many reasons behind this dullness. You are very much aware of these reasons, Mr. SuN. Why are you blaming IPL for this? How many Members of ISC watch IPL? And even if they do, they do it at night.
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    I also noticed the same. Many people are not visible. Regular members are also missing. I don't know the reasons. However, IPL may be also one of the reasons. But there may be many other reasons behind which are not known. Anyhow, let us wait and see that the ISC will become active again. These days even Editors are also very busy, I think.
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    Dr Sir You are right I also realised that our editors and active members are generally absent.
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    I think this is only a temporary phase and the missing members will return sooner or new members will take there place. This is happening everywhere in the discussion and forum sections in the internet and ISC is no exception.

    Regarding the participation of the editors, if they get time after their primary work, they may participate in the threads. We can not force them.

    I am not seeing any lack of threads to respond or any decrease in the activity in ISC. In fact I am not able to respond to all the threads in spite of my best efforts.

    Further, if there are no threads to respond we can post our threads.

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    Nobody can force the members also, why only Editors. People who have the interest and time may come otherwise no. But Editors are having some duties which are to be performed by them in a reasonable time. That is why they may not participate in the discussion. But they have to decide about the active status of the thread. They have to decide whether to allow or delete or lock the thread.
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    ISC editors are not contract editors. They work independently without any force or compulsion. They do their editing job whenever they feel free. During IPL, they can spend their own time watching IPL and ignore ISC. No one is going to question or take action against the ME or LEs or Es.
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    Really ISC is dull due to IPL. Today 8th April being Sunday and a holiday, only 5 posts have been posted in the forum section until now (2000 hrs). This clearly indicates that members are away to watch IPL making ISC starve for threads.
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    Mr. SuN: Forum section, the most interesting, vibrant and colourful section of ISC, has become dull and moribund due to merciless pruning, cutting and deleting of Forum posts and responses. Please don't blame IPL.
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