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    Leadership of ants compared to human beings

    In human life wherever you see there is a line of leaders, even at school, workplace, in sports, at the political level, religious level or anywhere. In short nowadays the human life created in such a situation that nothing to do or run without a leader, whether it is for some good work or not. For an example, even we organize some Padayatra (a pilgrimage on foot /March/ rally) for any purpose, many leaders are there to give time to time instructions to the participants and lead the rally. By this way we believe all participants can go ahead with discipline for that all members of the rally depend on the leader.

    But have you ever noticed the line (rally) of ants when they move from one place to another place? (I do not think there is anybody among us who never saw the ants' line and never tried to disturb them.) When we knowingly or unknowingly disturb the line when they move forward, the ants disperse or make distance from each other. But within a friction of time we can see they made a new line of path for their journey. How? Do you think these ants in line have a leader? No, they don't have leaders to lead their journey, but they do their work themselves by following the track those ahead of them one after the other in order very disciplined manner (may be they use some signal by way of sound or chemical which can be recognized through their body parts) and reach their destination. These creatures are active and self- decision makers. As they don't have leaders to lead, they themselves find own time to perform their duty assigned to them. Ants never sit idle. They store their food for their future needs in winter.

    Ant is a very small creature and they live in groups of lots and sometimes we neglect to this social creature. Though it is smaller in size its work and leadership can be counted in a bigger size when it compares to Human being. Human beings may learn many things from Ants, like its team work and co-operation, caring and sharing, self-discipline and quick decision making, Judgement, hardworking etc.

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    Cats are very disciplined. They work hard and store food for the coming rainy days. If one ant smells some item somewhere it will reach the place and the other ants notice the movement of the ant by the inherent quality that was given to them by the creator. The ant leaves a chemical when it is travelling and that smell will be identified by other ants and make a way to reach the place. That is why a number of times we notice once an ant comes in no time many other ants will arrive there.
    I think the ants consider the any that is going before it as its leader and follow it. So we see them in a line always without any disturbance. They are much better than human being in their leadership qualities.

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