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    What is SEO? What are the SEO Techniques to improve posts Traffic?

    What is SEO? What are the SEO Techniques to improve posts Traffic? I little bit hear about SEO but exactly do not know how to implement it. Can anyone elaborate how to improve our blogging and Vlog work using SEO.

    I only using keyword tricks of SEO some time trying to work on description and title but not getting success much that is the reason I posted this question here to get some more details. If someone SEO experts please advice us to improve blogging and Vlogging. Thanks in advance.
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    SEO is a process of maximizing visits to a particular website. One has to see that the site appears on the top of the list of results when the viewers perform a search on the internet. Integrating the content with SEO and Social media marketing will result in more views
    1. Quality of the content is the first and the foremost important factor in getting good ranking for your posts in search engine rankings. You should improve your content writing skills in the language you write.
    2. Updating the Content regularly is another important aspect for Search Engine rankings. When we post the article the position may be different and today it may be different. So we should update the content at regular intervals.
    3. Always descriptive links are preferable by linking keywords.—it improves search engine optimization and adds value to the readers.
    4. It is advisable to describe your visual and video media using alt tags, or alternative text descriptions.

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    You are saying you are not getting success. So, you need to provide data.
    1) How old is your blog?
    2) How many links are pointing towards your blog?
    3) How often you update your content and how long is your content?
    4) Do you build link towards main domain and some pages url too?
    5) What is your DA / PA score?

    Once you analyse this data you will get your answer why your blog is not ranking on top. Top ranking blog take time to establish on Google and it is not that easy for every blog to get lot of traffic but you in the hope of traffic you need to work on it.

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