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    This great leader fought barefoot at -10 degree Celsius to wrest victory

    He was originally from Army Service Corps (ASC), but during those momentous days, he was attached with 2 Rajputana Rifles. He was supremely fit and ferocious. The Naga leader was in the leading 'Ghatak' (Commando) platoon of 2 RajRif. The simple soldiers could not pronounce his complex name. So, he was everybody's "Nimbu Sahab".

    In May and early June, one after another news came. These were news of setbacks. News of death came. Dead bodies returned. Unprepared, ill-informed, ill-equipped soldiers died. There was a pall of gloom in the Indian camps.

    This needed to be changed. And the responsibility was given to 2 RajRif. On 28th June 1999, the ferocious Naga leader started the upward march with his Ghatak platoon. From the top, intense mortar and machine gun firing were started by Pakistanis. He was hit in his abdomen. But the Naga moved forward, undeterred. At one stage, he found that he could not climb because of the steep gradient. At -10 degree Celsius above 15,000 feet, he threw away his boots and started moving barefoot.

    The Naga leader reached the top with RPG rocket-launcher, fixed the rope for his soldiers and took on the enemy positions single-handedly. He destroyed seven enemy bunkers with the rocket-launcher and got wounded again. Two enemy soldiers came out to kill this wounded Naga, but he sent them to their maker with his commando knife. His soldiers reached the top and ferociously attacked the enemy soldiers with war-cry "Raja Ramchandra ki Jai".

    But the great leader, could not be there to witness the final moments of glory. A volley of bullets just before the final victory at Black Rock on Tololing took away the life of this inspiring and dare-devil leader.

    But his soldiers of 2 RajRif could not forget Captain Neikezhakuo Kenguruse. After the victory, the soldiers shouted in gratitude: "Yeh aapki jeet hai, Nimbu Sahab"!

    The grateful nation honoured this great and inspiring leader with Maha Vir Chakra posthumously.

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    I am really very impressed with this inspiring and patriotic piece of narration, of course in authors usual literary style.

    Our army persons are very brave and showcase the best warrior moves while dealing with the invaders and enemies. The great fighting by late Nimbu Sahab is an example of courage and gallantry and the award bestowed on him is what he truly deserved.

    We must pay our highest respect to these Jawans who are relentlessly guarding our boundaries at the border day and night without bothering for the extreme weather and situation. Patriotism is a feeling which every citizen should possess, it is the sign that you take care of your motherland and respect those who protect it.

    Some people are confused and do not understand the true meaning of patriotism. When our army does something of outstanding nature they doubt it. They start to search and ask for proofs. It is really a hopeless situation. If army and the ruling regime (whoever it is) says that some harm is done to the enemy then from the patriotic point of view we must accept it even if is doubtful or just done for the propaganda. Why I am insisting for this point is that patriotism is blind. A patriot will give his life for the country without any consideration. It is an attribute by which a race is known in the world. It is which maintains the tempo and Josh and then only we can ask to each other - How is the Josh!

    Knowledge is power.

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    A very well narrated history of an army person. An army person is a person who sacrifices everything for the safety of the Nation. Because of such people only, we are able to sleep happily in our houses with families. Our political leaders should learn many lessons from these people. Captain Neikezhakuo Kenguruse is an example for a true Nation saver who fought till his last moment and brought victory to the country. His determination to win over the enemy country made him perform the great deed in such a grand way. At that low temperature, he climbed barefoot and able to attack the enemies. Such daredevil people are many in our defence team.
    always confident

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    Thank you for narrating the story and also very well presented. Whatever we say about this great Braveheart will be very little in front of his contribution and patriotism. It's an unparallel story of a great patriot.

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