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    Lord Krishna is a true leader with all required qualities.

    A Leader is a key person for a team to accomplish the goal. The leader will play an important role in achieving the goals. A bad leader will spoil the team and the team will die.
    Leadership qualities need not come by birth. Anyone may be a good leader if he understands the role of the leader properly.

    Lord Krishna is a good example of a good leader. In times of need, he played his cards well and was able to get the things done the way he wanted. Pandavas sent him as an ambassador to Duryodhana. He went but he never wanted an agreement. He wanted the war to happen. So he threatened Kauravas and made them not to agree for the proposals sent by Pandavas.
    Then when the war is to start Arjuna refused to go for war as he has to kill many relatives. Then he convinced Arjuna by telling him Bhagavad Gita and made him agree for war.
    Without holding a weapon throughout the war by advising the Pandavas every time as per the situation lead them to success.
    A leader needs to understand the qualities, positives, negatives and skill sets of his team members and use them to get the best out of them. That is what Krishna proved.

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    Topic for the month end TOW contest for the month Mar'19 - 'Lead(er)'
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    Krishna was a God turned King of Dwaraka. His leadership may not be appreciable. But I would say that Mr. Sakuni was an able leader who could manage to take revenge against the Guru Dynasty by taking effective charge of the Kauravas cunningly without giving any room for suspicion. Sakuni was a good thinker, planner and executor. He is the key for Kurukshetra war. No Mahabharatham without Sakuni. Krishna's peace mission would have worked positively and averted the war.
    Hence I award 99 marks to Sakuni and 98 marks to Krishna.

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    In my opinion, a good leader should not have negative qualities. Sakuni is not a leader. He is an advisor to Duryodhana and he is very cunning. He deceived Kauravas by acting well with them. I don't know whether we can call such people as leaders. A leader should never deceive the people who believed him and followed him.
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    Mr. Rao,
    If Sakuni was not a leader but advisor to Duryodhana, Krishna too an advisor, helper and ambassador to Pandavas. How do you say that Krishna was a leader? In fact, Krishna was a producer and director of Mahabharatham, not a leader. While Pandavas followed Krishna, Kauravas followed Sakuni. Krishna of Dwaraka wanted to save Pandavas, but Sakuni of Kanthar wanted to destroy both Kauravas and Pandavas of Guru dynasty.

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    Lord Krishna is considered to be the greatest diplomat and mentor of Mahabharat times and was capable of managing things at various levels in a multitasking mode.

    Lord Krishna's role in Mahabharata is unparalleled and his magnificent strategy in favour of Pandavas is well documented.

    Lord Krishna is already assumed as the great management guru cum leader in that time and the generation of Krishna Conciousness subsequently in the western world as well as India is a proof of that magnanimity.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    There is a lot of difference between the roles played by Krishna and Sakuni.
    Sakuni is a selfish man. He wanted to take revenge on his rivals. So he joined his foes as a supporter and deceived them. Having selfish motos, deceiving people are not the traits for a good leader.
    Krishna has no selfish motives in his entire role. He wanted to do the dusta sikshana and sista rakshana. Whether Kauravas win or Pandavas win it makes no difference for Krishna. But he leads the Pandava to victory as Dharma is on their side.
    I never consider Sakuni as a good leader for the negative traits he has.

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    A leader is a leader whether he is positive or negative. There are good leaders and bad leaders. There are efficient leaders and inefficient leaders. They have good followers and bad followers.

    A leader is he who has a team to follow him. The leaders aim could be to play a positive role or negative role.

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    Considering the positive qualities of Lord Krishna I always consider him as the best leader I know. Your view may be different but I 100% believe that Lord Krishna is a good leader.
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