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    What would happen if we omit English article 'The' in our communication?

    Among the English Articles A, An and The, We have no confusion about the usage of article A and An, but at times, we are confused with the use of the article 'The'

    What would happen if we completely omit the word 'The' in our communication?

    The Sun is a hot planet
    Sun is a hot planet

    The United States has several States.
    United States has several States
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    'The' is must when referring to countries starting with the letter 'U'. Example: The United States, The United Kingdom.
    The is also used when referring to something which has used in the previous sentence.

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    Every language has certain words which have no meaning but when they are used they make the language decorated and fascinating. 'The' belongs to that category.

    Many people (including me) are confused in using 'the'. This is the most common but mostly confused also.

    I had always mistakes in my write up using 'the' and most of the times I was just putting it not to take a chance that I did not use it but it made the things shabbier and finally I had to remove it from there.

    The beauty of such words is that you miss them when they are not there and many times you do not like them when they are there!

    Anyway, I have got the free version of Grammarly app with me and it is helping me in correcting the use of 'the'.

    Anyone who is interested can also try this app for checking ones write ups before submitting them.

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    The is a definite article. When we want to talk about something which is very specific we have to use. When you want to tell something about a bus in which you have travelled you have to use The. The bus on which I have travelled is a very old bus. When you are talking general features you should not use The. A bus will have a driver to driver. Here you have used A before bus and similarly, you have used A before driver. But if you are talking about the driver who was driving the bus you have travelled you have to use. The driver who drove my vehicle is a very good driver.
    Many people will get confused about the usage of articles. I also use them wrongly many times. But as mentioned by Umesh, I also have a free version of Grammarly which will correct the wrong usage. Anyhow if we are not using them wherever we have to use, we can't convey the information we want to convey correctly.

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    Mr. Rao,
    What if we say - Driver who drove my vehicle is a very good driver (The omitted). Does it give a different sense or a change in the meaning?

    Other examples - Bus that I travelled met with an accident. Pilot who flown the aircraft is still missing. Member who wrote this message is not good.

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    It may be conveying the meaning. But when you are talking about a specific driver as per the rules and regulations of English grammar we have to use The but not A.If we don't use also there may not be any difference in the meaning and the other person is able to understand correctly. But some framework has been made for all languages and people are supposed to follow.
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    It is only with (the) English language. It is only with English language. Both sentences are same with their meaning intact)
    I write it in Tamil where 'the' is not required.
    Driver who drove my vehicle is a good driver - Enathu Vaahanathai Oattiya Vaahana Oati Oru Nalla Vaahana Oati.
    There are many sentences where we can avoid the use of article 'The'.

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