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    Election Commission is no longer Election Chowkidar

    In the recent past Election Commission has been criticized the most for not taking appropriate action when he was notified of a violation of MCC.

    During Election, he is the one who is supposed to be a chowkidar but it seems he is failing in his duty to do so.

    A propaganda based TV (NaMo TV), the owner is a mystery, a web series that's already running and a movie which is about to release on the day of the election. Our dear EC has turned a blind eye to all these.

    Wah Modiji Wah! You seem to use all the media to interact but have run away from holding a single press conference for the past five years. It seems that the chowkidar is afraid of real questions being asked!

    We want an unbiased Election Commission and not a biased EC who favors the ruling party. If that's the case, then this election is just a formality.

    I tried to search if a thread has already been raised for these issues, since I couldn't find one, raised this thread!
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    A good contemporary post by the author. It is correct that EC should use its own prudence and judgement for taking a decision if any violation is done by any party.

    During election time these things are very common and EC is aware of this. This is not happening for the first time. During 2014 when tea was offered to the public, EC took a note of it and next day it was stopped. So it is not that EC is not taking a note of the situation.

    EC has to see the things in totality and they are aware of the boundaries of etiquette to be taken by the parties. If they feel that a certain activity has violated the conduct. they will definitely disallow it.

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    In a vast country like India, it is difficult to control everything. Opposition parties raise silly issues to the EC. If Showing a palm is favouring Congress, should EC ask the voters to chop off their hands? If dual leaves are shown to favour AIADMK, should EC cut all the trees on the earth? If elephants are shown to favour BSP, should we send all the elephants to the jungle? Funny.

    Let the voters vote by their conscience.

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    The Election Commission has to be the Chowkidar during any elections and if there is anything lacking in its actions then the door of the court is open. The problem with every political party in India is they are crazy for power and can stoop to any level for electoral gains. During election times there is MCOC in place and many leaders of different political parties violate the code.

    The EC must take appropriate disciplinary actions when this violation is brought to its notice. There may be a few cases in which actions are delayed because of a lack of coordination between the EC and law enforcing agencies but as a whole, the complete process of managing the elections all over the country is a tough task. If the EC is biased then the complete election process is undoubtedly a tokenism which nobody wants and for a perfectly functioning democracy, the EC has to be tough and unbiased.


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    Election time is a time for controversies. The parties fight on small issues and try to find out fault with other group.

    The Election Commission has a tough task to take the stock of the situation.

    Daily some complaints will be there but the Election Commission has to be impartial and take unbiased decision.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I agree with you that NAMO TV Channel is propaganda based TV channel and it is of no use and not going to live long.

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    Sakshi TV is a TV of YSR Congress President Jagan. KCR the CM of Telangana is having his own Telangana channel. Like this, every political party is having a TV channel supporting one or the other party. They will high light the faults of other parties and try to downplay the mistakes of his own party. If EC has to take a call he should ban all channels except Doordarshan.
    In a meeting, the Telangana CM of the State KCR very badly scolded Hindus. He used very bad language. The same has been brought to the notice of the Election Commission. But he couldn't take any action.
    These things will happen. We can't expect everything perfect in a country like ours. But they should not go beyond the limit.
    In Telangana, during Assembly election, many names were added and many names were removed and many people have to come out from booth without voting as their name was not there in the list. But EC has not taken any action on that issue.

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    Mr. Sun,

    The issues raised by the Oppositions are not silly. Here we are not talking about showing party symbols. Nor is the issue of showing lotus everywhere. It is of showing Mr. Modi in every media platform available by breaking the law they themselves created. In Korea, which is considered to be dictatorship rule, even they don't have any channel solely dedicated to the ruler.

    Dr. Rao,

    Here I am not speaking of channels owned by a political party, for instance, Republic Tv, Times Now, Zee News to name few, which shows just one side of the story and that is of the ruling party. NaMo TV has no broadcasting license and yet it is been broadcasted on all major DTH services under news and entertainment channel. Isn't this visible to the EC?

    Even DD has come under scrutiny for showing "MeiBhiChowkidar" live broadcast for the entire event. They have to reply, what national interest lay in showing these.

    It is understandable, that the propaganda is being spread by hook or crook and our Election Commission is not being true Chowkidar when he ought to be.

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    Election Commission is responsible for taking immediate action against those who go against norms. The propaganda media surfaced around are running a campaign for a particular party which is totally against the MCC norms. What is considered a dictatorship in other countries, but here it has become a norm to quite the opposite voices.

    Leaders who were running away from media during the past five years are now using the same media to run the election campaign. Election Commission is helping them by not taking action against the law-breakers. Election Commission is a responsible institution and it has to deal responsibly with lawbreakers to maintain fairness in the upcoming election.

    Upcoming elections are not a kabaddi match where players jump over each other to gain points; the world's largest democracy is undergoing election and where everyone should behave responsibly. However, the election commission of India is a more responsible organisation in carrying away fair polls. It needs to take strong action against everyone who breaks the law. This can't be propaganda anymore!

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    I would humbly request the author to kindly provide three previous instances (preferably during 2004-2014) when the Election Commission of India (ECI) took tangible, effective and punitive steps for violation of Model Codes of Conduct (MCC).

    For instance, did ECI take any serious punitive action when the famous(!) comments like ''maut ki saudagar'' or "boti boti karke katenge" (would chop him into pieces) were uttered? Just asking. Please reply.

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    Mr. Partha, I was just a child then to make note of what the EC did or didn't do. I am raising current issues, where the EC is turning a blind eye.

    Though I am not sure, yet if the EC had not taken any action in the past, are you justifying the blind eye of the EC today?

    Are you saying that You wanted action for "maut ki saudagar", and no action should be taken againstBJP MLA's who have threatened the people for a vote? It's the main headline today. Should there be no action for running a channel totally dedicated to PM, his speeches, rallies, and coverage?

    Should there be no stay for the movie and web series that is been released? It should be put on hold and released only after the elections.

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    Madam, I know that it would be improper to talk about the age of a lady but I have serious doubt that you were a child in 2014 when Mr. Imran Masood, a great Congress leader, said ''boti boti karke katenge'' and ECI only rebuked him mildly.

    I think presently you are not a child not to note that one Ms. Mariyam Akhtar Mir, the Congress candidate from Mumbai North, has stated that Hinduism has become the most violent religion, and her party has refused to censure her for this derogatory comment. But I do note that you have forgotten to mention that the ECI has not taken any action against Ms. Mariyam Mir, for her derogatory and inflammatory comment about a religion.

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    Mr. Partha, I would prefer you calling me by name "Neethu", rather than calling me "Madam".

    When I responded I was a child, it was for 2002 and obviously not for 2014. At least EC rebuked him mildly just the way EC rebuked (I wouldn't say rebuke) but at least said something to Mr. Yogi for his comments.

    I am definitely not a child now and neither are you. So you are very much senior and you should be able to understand and see the communal violence that's been spread.

    Now here when you are referring "Ms. Mariyam Mir", it's not even a confirmed name from the candidate. The candidate refers herself as "Urmila Matondkar", and just because some trollers rename her, because of her marriage to a Muslim man, doesn't mean the trollers have any right to spread such hatred message against her. Since she joined Congress, people are questioning her religion, her name, etc.

    It's such a childish response to rename her actual name.

    And yet through all this, you are proving my point, Mr. Partha, by saying that ECI has not taken any action, that's the title of my thread.

    Again through your response, you are trying to dilute the actual issues that I had highlighted. And by the way, I can give you innumerable example of BJP leaders speaking of hatred. So let's not get into that.

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    Every party has a TV channel to promote their party. It is not wrong if NAMO TV is to favour Modi and BJP. It is for the people to decide what to watch and what not to watch. I am sure, people who love BJP and Modi would certainly tune NAMO TV. Others may not. Let us know which party is not having a TV for them.
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    Mr. Sun, NaMo TV promotes Mr. Modi illegally. It's not disclosed who is the owner, and if BJP is sponsoring this channel, they need to show this as an expenditure.

    NaMo TV, unlike other channels, broadcasts only BJP rallies, speeches by the PM without a broadcasting license. While other channels do have it. It's not a question of which party has it or not. This channel is being listed under news as well as entertainment, which is also against the law.

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    Full marks to Neetu .. Election Commission has failed in its duty to uplift its constitutional duty to ensure free and fair election. The so called chowkidar has openly thwarted the code of conduct and EC which is duty bound to ensure a fair election is merely a puppet and a spectator to the whole sequence.

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    As I have been following elections because of my personal interest since 1984, I have never found ECI taking effective action against the leaders for hate speech or inappropriate speech. Only at the time of Mr. Seshan, the ECI was a little bit active You are trying to project the present ECI as partial, which is not the case. I have given the example of Mumbai North Congress candidate to prove this point.

    Further, I have correctly written the actress' present name, and in future, I will mention her present name only. It is unethical on the part of the actress to mention about herself in another name.

    As I am tired and not very physically fit, I will write about the so-called NAMO TV in details in my next response tomorrow morning.

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    Now let us talk about NAMO (NaMo) TV. Firstly, it is not a TV channel.

    But, why should NaMo TV be banned by the ECI? Instead, ECI must also allow Rahul TV, Kejriwal TV, Mamata TV, Mayawati TV, Stalin TV, Naidu TV, Naveen TV and others.

    What is the purpose of electioneering? Why do the political leaders go from one place to another, taking planes and helicopters, from one corner of India to another the same day? It is just to convey their messages to the voters. Isn't electioneering/campaigning to influence the voters?

    And how much money is spent on these visits? On planes, helicopters, security, bringing lakhs of people to big grounds, making arrangements for them, and on related matters?
    Now if the same message can be sent to lakhs/crores of voters without spending a huge amount and without causing inconvenience to people, what is wrong in that technology?

    If an election meeting can be held wherein 3-5 lakh people can attend and listen to the political leaders, why can't the same speech be telecast on TV? It will save a lot of money for every political party and will avoid inconvenience to common people.

    We must understand that the world is technologically changing. Communication technologies have changed drastically. All political parties of India will have to adopt this, sooner or later.

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    NAMO TV channel is not TV channel than what it is in your thinking? Radio channel.
    I think more than 1000 crore spent to make NAMO TV channel reality.

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    The Election Commission of India has stopped the release of the Biopic on PM Narendra Modi, a day before it was set to hit the cinema halls all over India. The Commission has ruled that no biopics can be released during elections as the political content in such movies "threaten level playing field". What does it mean?

    Further, The Election Commission has directed the Chief Electoral Officer of Delhi to ensure that the contents of NaMo TV are pre-certified by the local media certification and monitoring committee.

    Even such adverse measures being taken against BJP (there are many such examples like censuring of UP Chief Minister), some Members say that the Election Commission has been favouring BJP. Perhaps they want the Election Commission to ensure the victory of opposition camp by hook or by crook.

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    @ Partha
    Why you are mixing Mr modi's biopic with NAMO TV channel. Are still insisting that NAMO TV channel is not TV channel? As per your comment #661981

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    Mr. Rahul: Maybe you have forgotten, this thread is on the allegation of partiality against the ECI. So, I have furnished three examples in my last response where ECI has taken action/has made adverse observations against BJP.
    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    For viewers, i suggest to view this thread which gave TV Channel number of NAMO TV Channel. Few days before 10-12 tv channels of NAMO TV was running on Tata Sky alone and they may be running on other DTH networks as well. Now they may be running one TV Channel per DTH Network and they are running only one channel number 512 on Tata Sky.

    Airtel 110
    Dish TV 111
    Tata Sky 512
    D2h: 102

    Namo TV Channel on DTH

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    The existence and powers of election Commission was made known to the people of India by Late Tirunellai Narayana Iyer Seshan , popularly know as T N Seshan. He was 10th Chief Election Commissioner. He is the person instrumental in bringing in many reforms and adhering to the strict rules.

    The Election Commission is vested with enormous statutory powers granted by the Indian Constitution. It is up to the Election Commissioners to exercise those powers. The Election Commission should conduct themselves without any fear or favour.

    This is possible when another Seshan occupies the position of Chief Election Commissioner.

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