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    Leadership is not everyone's cup of tea.

    Leadership is not everyone's cup of tea. Everyone can not be a leader. It requires certain basic attributes in life and a vision to see ahead. A leader sees his nation as a single unit and does all efforts in its progress as well as bringing it in the top positions in the global map.

    Many people feel that leading a group of people is easy as you have to simply order and things will happen. It is not so easy. In fact a leaders has to present an example in front of the people by seeing which they feel to copy it voluntarily. If there is a difference between what a leaders says and what he executes then he will soon lose his creditability and people will not like him to continue and opposition will take advantage of the situation.

    Honesty, courage, boldness, grace and ability to take decisions are the pillars of a successful leadership. The people of any country want to see the most ideal and uncontroversial person as their leader who can solve their problems and not only talk of the progress and development but his policies should deliver it.

    There are global threats and challenges in the world and a leader who can inculcate a balanced foreign policy and good trade relations with the developed countries and also can extend a helping hand to backward or developing countries, can only get the global recognition.

    So there are various qualities a leader should possess to really become a successful leader.

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    True. Every one can become a leader but not a good leader. There are some people who are born lleaders. They will have all the requireds qualities of a leader and they will emerge as successfull leaders.
    Some people learn the traits required for a leader and try to develop themsleves into leaders. They make many efforts and take risks to be a good leader. They may also emerge as good leaders with their efforts.
    There are some leaders who were made as leaders. They may have the required qualities or they may not have the qualities but they will be made leader by virtue of their birth or becuase of their parents or many other similar leaders. Even these leaders are also can perform will if really they have the will to perform well as a leader. But some people think they know everything and they have all the qualities required and start behaving highhandedly. This is a very big problem and such leader will not only get spoiled himslef but also spoil the entire team. We have many examples for each type of leader and I think I need not give them.

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    Very few people have inherent traits and qualities to become a leader. Frankly speaking there is a cut throat competition for becoming a leader and only the most capable reaches the top. Everyone can not become a leader.

    A leader has to be visionary and must understand what makes the progress of his people and the country. He has to motivate and encourage the public to work hard for the growth of the society and the country and in that process the public is also benefited.

    A leader has to be tough and bold. There will always be some elements in a society who will be anti national or anti establishment because they are the disgruntled ones and have a strong jealousy with the successful leaders. A tough leader will deal with these anti social elements firmly and ruthlessly and present an example in front of the society that misdeeds are not forgiven.

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    Absolutely everyone cannot be a leader. One has to have a leadership skills to be a leader. In a manufacturing unit where I work one has to have all such qualities to lead people otherwise a person may not be able to take out desired output from the work force. In industries leadership is an essential attribute which one should have so to enhance it trainings are provided which definitely help people to understand how they can increase leadership skills.

    It may happen that you may be a doing well at work but it may be possible that when you are asked to lead a team your performance may not be like when you were doing as an individual. Therefore one must be a good leader when one is asked to work in a team and to lead a team.

    It's very important that a leader should be able to take decisions and should have better knowledge than their team mates so that they may accept that person their leader.


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    It is true that everyone cannot be a leader. Some leads and the others follow. When someone leads by example, she/he can become a successful leader. The leader must have a clear vision and others will work enthusiastically to achieve the goal.

    Leadership is not about giving lectures or making false promises, rather it includes hard work along with the ability to lead others towards achieving the common goal. It requires special abilities to become a leader which everybody does not possess and with an increased fan following the responsibility of the leader increases.


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    It is very true that everyone cannot become leader. Basically there are two types of leaders. Autocratic and Democratic. People accept a democratic leader well rather than an autocratic leader. People accept a person as their leader considering his quality of leadership. A person with honesty and Integrity and who can inspire people with their communication skills will be a successful leader
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