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    Have your ever received cash for vote in your life?

    Have you ever received cash for a vote in your life? In ISC, I think all the members are of 18 plus age and are entitled to vote. Please answer my questionnaire frankly.

    1. Are you eligible to vote?
    2. How many times have you voted? (for Parliament ..... for State Assembly.....)
    3. Were you offered cash to vote? If yes. How much (No need to mention the party)
    4. Did you vote for the party that offered you cash or to your preferred party candidate?
    4. Did you refuse to accept the cash?
    5. Narrate your voting experience.
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    My answers to your questions are:

    1. Yes, I am eligible to vote.
    2. Can't say exactly, maybe 4 to 5 times which includes Parliamentary, Assembly and Local Municipal elections.
    3. No. This means the next two questions are of no relevance to me.

    My voting experience is not at all bad because in most of the cases I didn't have to stand for a long time in the queue. Maybe it's because of the time I chose to go to the polling booth. The area where I stay is generally peaceful and the polling booth is also not in the category of a sensitive booth. Till now I have not experienced any violent activity in or around the polling booth so in my case the experience is just like purchasing a ticket of a hit Movie where the crowd is a little bigger because of the star cast.

    I used the term purchase though I didn't have to spend anything to cast my vote.


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    Although I am now 51+, I have been voting regularly only during the last ten years (or even less). During my youth, the minimum voting age was 21 (not 18). But I got my job within a very few months of reaching 21 years of age. In my railway job, I traveled a lot in different places and could not vote when my name was in the voters' list in Kolkata. As far as I remember, I voted only once in Kolkata.

    After getting a job in Delhi, I had to perform election duty in almost every election; so, I could not vote. I got my name included in the voters' list in Delhi after purchasing a flat. For the last ten years, I, fortunately, don't have to perform Election duty, and so I have been voting regularly.

    Till now, no party has offered me money, blanket or liquor (desi/foreign). So, I could not accept or decline such an offer.

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    Yes, for the last election. Received 200 rupees from ADMK in the last Tamil Nadu state assembly election. But I voted for the Congress. And the Congress won in my constituency. This time I'm not going to vote since my town is in terrible condition.

    The National Highway running into the town is so bad and non-drivable. During the raining season, the market here looks like garbage. If you walk into it, your pant will get nasty and dirty. Even though 1000s of people walk into it. (The roads and markets in small towns in Sri Lanka looks a lot better).

    And the central government led by BJP is yet to make the IGST settlement of Rs 7,214 crore to the Tamil Nadu government. And they don't seem to pay the amount to the TN government. So, I'm not going to vote in this election.

    The BJP - ADMK has started to give money to the public in my town. I will receive the money to get my GST tax back but I won't vote. I hope they will give more than RS 200 this time. Since 200 rupees in too low to stand on the long queue for more than an hour. Also, the weather here gets up to 40°C.

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    1. Are You Eligible to vote: Yes. I am eligible to vote.
    2. I have voted almost about 8 times for Parliament and 8 times for Assembly.
    3. Nobody offered me cash for giving a vote to them. I never received money from anybody so far in any elections.
    4. I always voted for the candidate whom I prefer. Generally, I go by the party and then by the candidate. I never see what is the caste of the candidate, financial position of the candidate. If the candidate of the party which I like is not good, then I may go for NOTA but not for other party's candidate. This I learned from my grandfather. He always used to vote only for INC.
    5. There is no question of refusing the cash as nobody offered me cash.
    I have voted for Panchayat elections also in which there is no party. I have voted based on the candidate's history and his mentality and ability.

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    I have voted as usual for the party I believed was doing good work.

    So far no one has offered me any money.

    This time the elections are going to be very crucial as people are comparing the Modi Govt achievements vis-a-vis the 60 years of earlier regimes.

    So it is difficult to predict the pulse of the voters and only coming times will tell the story in details.

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    I have voted a few times everytime voting to a different party in the hope of betterment.

    I have heard that they give some goodies or items or even some food grains in exchange of votes but never heard of cash.

    Anyway the positions after elections are so lucrative that people can go to any extent for winning in it.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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