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    Leader is the custodian of interests!

    A leader is one who leads from the front with his vision and not by slogans. Charisma or eloquence doesn't make a leader. It's his honesty and sincerity that makes him a leader. Leadership demands certain skills and not everyone possess those skills.

    A leader should be a great decision maker and courageous enough to make decisions. We have seen so many leaders but a successful leader is one who cares well, maintains the rectitude and honour of his people. He will not leave any stone unturned to uphold the integrity and honour of people. A leader always respects the sacrifices of his subordinates and does not subjugate their sacrifices for the benefit of his own vested interests. Even in India we had and still have some great leaders to lead the nation to the highest level.

    Being a leader is a challenging task and yes, it is not everyone's cup of tea! A leader must be patient and open to criticism. A leader should be brave and inform the nation of developments and policies that he may be working on. A leader is like a one-man army, strong to take action and firm on his decision; not allowing anyone to hamper his vision of taking his nation forward.
    We are a brave nation and need a brave leader to carry the mission of equality, integrity and sovereignty of our nation. A sincere leader doesn't intimidate its own people or threaten them to kill.

    A leader is the guardian and custodian of its people and nation. A leader can't distinguish communities based on cast or creed. May we get one who can uphold this integrity and brotherhood in our country.

    This my entry for TOW contest.
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    The author has mentioned what a good leader should do. But how many present-day politicians are there like this? Even if there are some leaders, the other leaders and the followers never allow them to be like that.
    A leader has to take a decision which he thinks as the best and it should be unbiased. But all our political leaders these days will take biased decisions only. He is supposed to be the fencing to the crop of his people and he has to protect. But unfortunately, these days fencing itself is eating the crop.
    The author very well narrated the points which are supposed to be the qualities of a good leader.

    always confident

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    A leader requires so many good qualities to lead the people and very few of them really possess such traits to become a leader of top ranks.

    If a leader has got good qualities then people also respect him and follow him. A good leader can motivate his people to do anything.

    Leaders are responsible for their decisions but good leaders are sure of their success as they have the support of their people.

    Knowledge is power.

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